January Heatwave: Days 1

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    May 11, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Tamie - 25, Disney addict and obsessive planner.

    Joe - 25 Husband of above addict. A wonderful man who said "I suppose" when his wife said how about Disney World again for our next vacation?.

    Trip overview: Friday, January 26th through Saturday, February 3rd 2001 1st night - All Star Sports, remaining nights Dixie Landings. Sunshine Getaway package - which means we get breakfast of our choice every morning.

    The last time we were at the World it was June of 1999 and we were on our honeymoon. That 4 day trip went by way too fast. This trip is planned to be a relaxing 7 day trip where we try and experience some new things that we missed last time.

    Our "plan" in life was to go on our honeymoon, enjoy married life and then go on one more "big" vacation before we have children. We had originally planned on Jamaica or someplace tropical.

    I'm not sure what caused my mind to wander to the thought of Disney again, but it did. One day at work I did a search for Disney World and found this wonderful place called the DIS. I immediately logged on (before ever searching, hence the incredibly boring login name :( ). I was amazed at all the things I learned about Disney that I thought I knew. Well the Disney bug was planted - and you all know how stubborn that bug is! I casually mentioned to my DH that maybe we could go to Disney again for our next big trip. I know that Disney World is not his first choice for a vacation but he could tell how excited I was and he loves to see me happy so he said yes. Let the planning begin :) . The planning is another post in itself that I will avoid, since it mostly included the DIS.

    So, please bear with me on my first ever trip report - here goes nothing!!

    We had a couple of days on our trip that were not very "tropical", but anything is a heatwave compared to what we are used to!

    Day 1 - Saturday, January 27th - We arrived at MCO Friday night, actually Saturday morning at 1:00 am, after taking an uneventful Mears shuttle we crashed safely at All Star Sports, our home for 7 hours of sleep. Sleep is a wonderful thing, and we definitely needed it after being on a plane all night long. In the morning we get ready and check out of the All Stars. After leaving our luggage with All Star Sports to have it transferred we hopped a bus to MGM and then caught a bus from MGM to Dixie Landings.

    We got all checked in to Dixie Landings. I couldn't believe that they had a room ready for us at 11:30! I didn't fax the room controller at all before we went because I didn't really care where we stayed. I asked the CM if they had any corner rooms in the Alligator Bayou available. She said they did and it was even on the 2nd floor. We got building 14, room 1440 a corner room.

    We took a peek at our room and headed out for MGM.

    We managed to do a couple of rides before our meal at Mama Melrose at 1:30. Our lunch: bruschetta, lobster ravioli and 1 pop. This was a really good meal and I love the look of this restaurant.

    We rode a few more rides at MGM including Rockin’ Roller Coaster (just DH, I don’t do roller coasters), Tower of Terror (again, just DH), Muppets 3D, The Great Movie Ride, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    We then headed back to Dixie Landings and had our luggage brought up. We changed into some jeans as it got cooler once the sun went down.

    We grabbed a bus for Magic Kingdom. Tonight was the only night of our trip that the Main Street Electrical Parade was going on and I didn’t want to miss it. We walked into Magic Kingdom as the first parade (6:30) was going on. After weaving our way through the crowd we ducked into the Plaza Restaurant and sat down. We shared a turkey sandwich, Joe had tomato bisque (very good) and we shared a sundae.

    We had time to go on the TTA and then it was time to grab a seat for the 2nd MSEP. The parade was great. I think Joe even liked it and he isn’t a big parade guy.

    We hung around Main Street to watch the kiss goodnight, which got me all teary-eyed, that was very cool to see.

    We took a little tour of Dixie Landings and sat down to write some postcards. We finally went to bed about 11:00 pm.

    Bank Account Damage Tip for Luggage $3.00, Mama Melrose $30.00, Plaza $23.00, chocolate covered pretzels $2.00

    Day 2 - Sunday, January 28th Superbowl Sunday Plan today - Animal Kingdom and watching the football game.

    We were ready to go at 7:30 this morning and our bus made it to Animal Kingdom at 7:50 as the doors were opening. We headed straight for the safari and saw a posted wait time of 10 minutes. We waited maybe 4 minutes if you count the time it took us to walk to the boarding area. We really liked the safari. Joe thought they could do without the poacher bit, but I didn’t think it distracted from the ride at all and could see how kids would like it. We wandered around a little after that ride and ended up at Donalds for our 9:30 PS. We had a great buffet breakfast with a really fun CM. He was goofing around a lot and had some fun with a little boy who was celebrating his 6th birthday that day. Our CM (I think his name was Semo) made an announcement that it was Tylers 16th birthday, Tyler kept pulling on Semo’s shirt saying, no i’m 6. Tyler was getting flustered but thought it was very funny, it was cute. Semo sent us on our way with 2 cold bottles of water and we headed to Dinosaur.

    I thought Dinosaur was very scary. Probably because I didn’t know what to expect. It was fun though, our picture turned out really cute, but we didn’t buy it. We did It’s Tough To Be a Bug and Tarzan Rocks (very loud). Next stop was Camp Minnie Mickey for the Lion King show. We stopped along the way to see a couple of characters, we saw Baloo, Chip and Dale, and Pluto. Pluto gave me a kiss and wouldn’t let me go. He waved goodbye to Joe but still kept his arm around me :) . He finally let me go and we went to grab a seat for the show. I really liked the Lion King show, Joe really liked the guys on the trampoline.

    We left Animal Kingdom at around 1:00 and headed back to our room. We explored the resort some more and sat by the pool for awhile. We were feeling really lazy that night and ended up eating at Boatwright’s because it was so convenient. Dinner was good. Joe had a bowl of crab soup, I had a salad (with stale croutons), and we shared the special which was 2 teriyaki pork chops with rice and steamed vegetables. We also ordered a brownie sundae which was really rich. We watched the Superbowl and Survivor in our room and then fell asleep (we must be getting old ;) )

    Damage for The Day Tip for housekeeping $3.00, Cookie at AK $1.50, Nachos and Pop in foodcourt $6.00, 2 Beers and 1 Wine Cooler from resort store $7.00, Dinner $43.00

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    Aug 19, 1999
    I'm really enjoying your very first trip report, Tamie! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it. :D
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  4. nutz4dzny

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    Oct 31, 1999
    You are doing a great job on the trip report! Thanks for Posting!
  5. lynxstch

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    Feb 2, 2001
    you referred to watching the "kiss goodnight"..have only been to DW once (honeymoon trip coming in March) and have never seen this mentioned before..what is it?..thanks!!
  6. tkyes

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    May 11, 2000
    lynxstch - The kiss goodnight is what happens at the end of the night at the Magic Kingdom. It was a half hour after the park closes (they don't kick you out right away) and they play a message telling everyone goodnight and they mention some things about Walt's dream and vision. It really is much better than I am making it sound. ;)

    It's just a warm fuzzy kind of thing to hear.


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  7. tkyes

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    May 11, 2000
    bumping for togetherness. ;)

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    Feb 27, 2000
    Tamie, Thanks for the report. Sounds like you are having a great trip. :)

    Mamu [​IMG]

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    May 15, 2000
    Mmm...The lobster ravioli sounds delicious!! Thanks for posting...

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A couple of fun filled days. We also had breakfast at Donalds and enjoyed it. Thanks for posting!
  11. Alison

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    Jan 17, 2000
    Great report...can't wait for more!

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