January Heat Wave: Days 7

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    May 11, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Tamie - 25, Disney addict and obsessive planner.

    Joe - 25 Husband of above addict. A wonderful man who said "I suppose" when his wife said how about Disney World again for our next vacation?".

    Trip overview: Friday, January 26th through Saturday, February 3rd 2001 1st night - All Star Sports, remaining night Dixie Landings. Sunshine Getaway package - which means we get breakfast of our choice every morning.

    Day 7 - Friday, Feb. 2nd Our last full day :(

    We had quite the problems getting to breakfast on time today. Our plan was to catch a bus to MK and then take the monorail over to the Grand Floridian for breakfast. We sat at the bus stop for 20 minutes and never did see a MK bus. I was getting frustrated and figured it would be better to be on a bus going anywhere than sitting at the bus stop going nowhere. We grabbed the next bus that came which was MGM. I know it doesn’t make any sense to go to MGM and then the Grand Floridian, but like I said, I was frustrated.

    At MGM we took a bus back to the Grand Floridian. Of course the bus doesn’t take a direct route, instead we go to the Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk, Magic Kingdom and finally the Grand Floridian. We were only 10 minutes late for our meal, but I was a little frustrated. I didn’t want to be late for this breakfast for fear of missing a fellow DISer.

    I was hoping to run into Pollyanna35 and her family who also had a PS for the same time as us at 1900 Park Fare. I had brought goody bags for her kids to keep them occupied on their plane ride home and I didn’t want to miss them. We were seated about 5 minutes later. As we were walking through to our seats I was practically running into tables because I was looking for someone who looked like Pollyanna. I didn’t see Polly and figured I would see her or her family go up to the buffet since I had a good view of that.

    The buffet here was great. Remember the Mickey waffles with strawberries that I fell in love with at Hollywood and Vine? Well they had them here too! I think all I ate were a couple of waffles and some fruit. Joe liked the omelet bar. Our waiter brought us out a couple of drinks called a Mary Poppins. They were a strawberry banana drink in a Grand Floridian kiddie cup.

    The characters here were Pinocchio, Gepetto, Cruella Deville, Alice, and the Mad Hatter. Everyone was really in character. Gepetto kept coming over when Joe was up at the buffet. Once Gepetto scared me half to death. I was eating by myself and he jumped over a wall partician and tried to grab my food, needless to say I jumped a little. Cruella was also a lot of fun. She sat next to me in our booth and said “finally, some adults”. She also was making fun of Pinocchio saying how happy and pathetic he was. She flirted quite a bit with Joe too. She asked him how long we had been together, he told her we had been married for a year and a half but together for 6. She asked him what took us so long and when he said it was because she wasn’t around, she wrapped her arms around him and said “but I’m here now”. It was pretty funny.

    We never did find Polly for breakfast. I assumed that something had come up because I checked with the front and they didn’t have her name down for a PS. I have talked to Polly since coming home and she told me that her sweet little boy Joey was running a fever and they needed a rest. Maybe someday she’ll come to Minnesota or I’ll go to New York and we can meet then. Or we can just go to Disney World at the same time again. :) How does that sound Polly?

    We left the Grand Floridian and headed to Downtown Disney to do the last of our shopping and then back to our room for a rest.

    It was a little gloomy out today and we spent our afternoon watching TV and relaxing. We put some warmer clothes on and headed back Downtown for dinner. We couldn’t really decide where to go for dinner but when we got off of the boat downtown and saw the Rainforest Cafe right there. We decided to eat there even though we have one at home and eat there occasionally. It was kind of nice to eat somewhere we were familiar with.

    We ordered the chicken rain stix and shared the china island chicken salad. I highly recommend that salad if you have never tried it. It is great.

    After dinner we walked down to the West End and saw The Wedding Planner at the theater, very cute movie by the way, that might be a new favorite chick flick.

    After the movie we stopped in to Ghirardelli’s and shared a huge sundae. We have an early morning tomorrow so we headed back and went to bed.

    Bank Account Damage Housekeeping tip $3.00, dinner $37.17, ice cream $7.00, movie $15.00

    Day 8 - Saturday, Feb. 3rd Time to go home.

    The alarm went off way too early today. Joe had really wanted to go on a guided fishing excursion after we got skunked at the fishing hole so that was our plan today. Just a note, everything I had read on the fishing excursion said that it was $60 per person, that price was changed a year ago to $80 a person. We were at the Dixie Landings Marina at 6:15 where we were greeted by Oscar our guide. We fished for 2 hours and Joe caught 3 fish and I caught 2. It was a little chilly this morning but we survived and had a lot of fun.

    After showering we hopped on a bus to the Magic Kingdom (one actually came today :) ) and then took a boat over to the Polynesian for breakfast. I had changed our PS to accommodate our fishing trip so we were starving when we arrived for breakfast at 10:50. We had to try the Tonga Toast but I asked for mine with strawberries instead of bananas. Our waitress looked at me like I was crazy and then informed me that they could do that but it would cost $1.50 more. Joe liked the tonga toast but I thought it was too sweet. I am glad I tried it though. We also each had a fruit cup and juice.

    We decided to go to Epcot and do some more of the World Showcase. We didn’t really accomplish much as we didn’t have a lot of time and it had started raining. We did go on the Maelstrom and the boat ride in Mexico, which were both things I wanted to do before we left.

    We were back at our hotel by 1:15 and ended up napping on some big couches in the lobby. They were holding our luggage for us until we needed to leave which is really convenient. We weren’t starving but knew that we had a long flight ahead of us so we got a snack in the food court before getting our luggage and waiting for Mears to pick us up.

    Of course I was very sad to leave, but we had a wonderful trip. We did a lot of fun things and ate at some great restaurants. There were still plenty of things that we didn’t get to do, but we’ll have to save those for another trip :)

    Damage for The Day Tip for housekeeping $3.00, lunch from foodcourt ?15.00, One last ice cream cone before we have to go back to eating lowfat ice cream $4.00

    Observation and Tips

    I’m not sure I can get Joe to go back to Disney any other time of year than January. We loved the lack of crowds and the comfortable walking temperature. It was only pool weather a couple days of our trip, but it was great to not be sweating and fighting crowds in the parks.

    I loved the convenience of our room location, we were near the food court and a bus stop. I think next time I would sacrifice convenience for a quieter room. Our room was so close to everything that we had to deal with service vehicles, garbage trucks and a lot of people at all hours of the day. Dixie Landings is a beautiful resort.

    I think the only dissapointing thing about this trip (it wasn’t bad enough to ruin our trip) was how much people talk on rides, actually how much people yell on rides. I would have liked to have gone through Pirates of the Caribbean again because the family in front of us was explaining everything to their children and they had to yell to make their voices heard over the music.

    Joe and I joked that we had to go visit Norway at the World Showcase just to get our Minnesota accents back. I think most people we encountered at Disney were from another country or from the east coast. It is so much fun to listen to people’s accents and try and guess where they are from. It’s funny that no matter what language they are speaking, yelling is still yelling ;)

    I would highly recommend the Sunshine Getaway Package to people who want to try fun restaurants. I am sure that we could have had breakfast cheaper than the package charged us, but I never would have booked breakfast at $16.00 buffets if I had to see the bill. It was a lot of fun to try new places to eat and tour different resorts. The expense probably balanced itself out though because we didn’t eat lunch any day of the trip.

    Joe and I did a lot of window shopping and looking for things that we liked the first few days of our trip. When we were ready to buy we went Downtown Disney. With the exception of a yo-yo, we found everything we saw in the parks in the shops Downtown, plus I got 10% off with the Disney Club card. Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the things that we found on sale Downtown, were not on sale in the other stores we saw them in.

    Favorite moment of the trip: There are so many that it’s hard to pick just one thing. I did love laying on a hammock on the Poly beach after the fireworks were over. There was a family that came on to the beach to do some exploring, their son ran up to one of the cabanas to see what was in it. The dad said “careful there might be two lovers in there”, well Dad had some explaining to do because of course the little boy responded with “what are lovers”. :) It was very funny. I also really enjoyed walking along the Boardwalk early in the morning when no one was around.

    It is very hard to get adjusted when you get back from a trip. I miss all you can eat buffet breakfasts and ice cream every afternoon. The day after we got back we both were craving ice cream after we ate lunch :) I really need to kick that habit ;)

    Well, I guess that wraps up my first ever trip report. Thank you all for bearing with me, I hope I didn’t get too winded.



    I've never posted a link before, so I hope this works. Here are some pictures from our trip (minus my embarrassing Splash Mt. one of course).


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  2. NancyIL

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    Aug 19, 1999
    Thank you for a wonderful report! You have a lot of great pictures, too.
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    May 21, 2000
    Tamie - thanks for writing such a great report.


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    Jan 2, 2000
    Thank's for posting your trip report. it was great reading.

  6. Credit Man

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    Feb 18, 2000
    Great report! Thanks for posting.
  7. Bob NC

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    Mar 3, 2000
    Great report!
    Loved the pics on Photo Point...lol, but, look at the pic of "Tamie and Dale", hate to burst your bubble, but that's Chip. LOL
  8. tkyes

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    May 11, 2000
    Thanks Bob NC - I had no idea who it was.

    Question how the heck can you tell Chip and Dale apart??


    ps - bubble still intact, don't worry about bursting it ;)

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    May 15, 2000
    Thanks for posting...I enjoyed reading them! Cruella sounds so funny...What a riot!! :)

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    Tamie, I was truly sorry to miss you too, at the GF breakfast buffet. And, after reading your post about it, I'm even MORE sorry! And, what a sweetie you were to have treat bags for my kids! Truly thoughtful, you are.

    It's funny you say Joe won't go at any other time but January. Do you know my dh said the same thing?!! He wants to go again 2 years from now, when Cass will be almost 6 and Joey will be 4. Hopefully by then, they'll be a bit more enjoyable to be around, LOL!

    We really lucked on having great weather. I mean, we got to go swimming, I NEVER wore pants the whole time I was down there, and didn't need a jacket either, for that matter. (Of course, I'm getting older and those hot flashes are creeping up! LOL)

    OK, thanks again for a great trip report. I wish I had the time (and talent) to write one. Maybe some day. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

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  11. PoohbearLisa

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    Nov 18, 2000
    I enjoyed reading your trip report and your pictures were great. Thanks!!
  12. Belle1962

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Great report. I'm noe really hooked on going to the Poly with my DH in April (our 10th anniversary trip) and relaxing in the hammocks, watching fireworks (maybe with a drink in hand....
  13. Rajah

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    Aug 17, 1999
    Tamie -- great job on your first-ever report :D I had a lot of fun reading it :D And you've got some great pictures there, too :D

    As for how to tell Chip from Dale:

    First, the color of their noses: Chips is black (like a chocolate chip), Dale's is red

    Second, look at their teeth. Dale has a gap between his.

    And third: Chip has "awake eyes", Dale has "Sleepy eyes" (where his eyelids are lowered just a little.




    (Links will return when I find a new place to host the sites)
  14. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Glad to her you did better with the fishing the second time around. A great Disney trip in all. Thanks for posting!
  15. marymouse

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    Jul 6, 2000
    Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks so much for posting.

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