January Cruise on Wonder booked..now what?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ZoeBell, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. ZoeBell

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    Oct 18, 2012
    After much contemplating, I finally went ahead and booked a Disney Cruise in January. Myself and my daughters will be going. We are going on Disney Wonder leaving out of Miami.

    Now I'm wondering about everything else?

    Any recommdations on where to stay for a night pre-cruise? Pretty sure we are going to fly into Fort Lauderdale. Should we stay overnight in FL? Or head on over to Miami and stay there?

    How about shuttle service? Any specific ones liked or not liked?

    Should I rent a car? I glanced at the 24hr rates and I thought they were on the high end. Maybe I was doing something wrong?

    How about excursions? We are docking in Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Any must do's on either island? There doesn't seem to be a lot of time on either island. Are we better off booking through Disney because of the time restraints?

    And lastly the ever important WHAT TO WEAR FOR DINNER question? It's a 5 night cruise, so I'm assuming 1 formal, 1 pirate and 3 casual nights? Is pirate night a casual with a pirate type costume?

    Thanks for all you help!! Looking forward to reading your suggestions.
  2. RedxPanda

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Which sailing did you book? We're on the 28th to GC and Cozumel. Check out the DIS meet board and join the post for your sailing.

    We are doing an all inclusive beach club on Cozumel, just taking a taxi on our own to Mr Sanchos.
    Not sure about GC yet. Thinking about the Turtle Farm w/ snorkeling or a Stingray City snorkel tour. We'll book either on our own. All my research has proven these two ports to be quite safe and both have excursions that are easy to execute using local transportation.

    I'm assuming it will be 3 cruise casual, 1 pirate/tropical, and 1 'dressy' night. We went all out pirate on our first cruise. Some were more detailed than us, some were just a bandana, others just kept it casual or tropical themed.

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