Janice's Crew Celebrate at The World - Day 7

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    “Didn’t we have a lovely day – the day we went to Old Town?”

    Me – (46) and planner of this holiday of a lifetime.
    Chris – (45) my dear husband who puts up with me.
    James – (22) our son who has never been to Florida.
    Emma – (21) James' Girlfriend and known lovingly as Emmylou.
    Katie – (19) our daughter, also lovingly known as Starlett.
    Ian – (23) Katie’s Fiancé – been before when much younger.

    DAY 7 – Wednesday

    We decided yesterday that we were going to have a bit of an easy day today – try and catch up on some rest and generally chill out!

    So, we did not get up until 9 am and by the time we were sorted out and had eaten some breakfast it was almost midday. It was just not warm enough to swim in the pool even though we had paid extra to have it heated. The temperature had dropped so much, after such a lovely day yesterday, that the ground was keeping the water cooler! (That’s what the owner said anyway!)

    We decided to have a drive out and have a walk around Old Town at Kissimee, along the 192. We also wanted to find the Harley Davison Shop, as Emma wanted to buy a gift for her dad. We found the shop but it was not open, so made a note that we would have to come back another day. Lo and behold, we spot a Super K Mart. Much to the boys chagrin, I ask – politely – if I may just have a quick look. Well, we all have a wander and I don’t find anything for myself but pick up quite a few bargains for Katie, you know – combat trousers and sweatshirts for college – all in the children’s section too, I might add!

    Next, Old Town. We park and have a wander around the few shops there and then find ourselves by the huge Skycoaster.

    Well, did they, or didn’t they?

    Yes, they did – the boys that is – Katie and Emma would not even consider it, and Chris and I chickened out. (We put it down to the age thing again – boy, does that come in useful at times!!) The two lads paid their dues and with the discount voucher it came to about $60 for the pair of them. They were strapped in together into the harness and Ian had the unenviable job of pulling the lever when they got to the top. Now, if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, this Skycoaster is a 400’ high type of huge bungee swing. You are harnessed together and are winched to the top. When the guy shouts “1, 2, 3 Fly” – you pull the lever and my – do you fly!!

    They loved it and the screams were not of fear, but of sheer excitement. We have it on video and when you look at it, Chris has panned in on us 3 women who were waiting. The look of horror and fright tells a different story. I am glad to say that they survived and did intend to go back another day, but it just didn’t materialise – for reasons that will become clear later.

    I would like to add here, that although we did not get the time to do it this time, we have once before been to Old Town on a Saturday night and seen the famous Saturday Nite Cruise. If you get a chance – see this spectacle. The drive past of collector and vintage cars that are all lovingly cared for and are paraded with pride by the owners and it is fascinating to see. We would recommend this for a change of pace.

    We decided to go and have a nice dinner now and the vote for Perkins won the day. We had several meals in different Perkins around the area and were not really disappointed once. We all had starters and a main course, which automatically comes with a salad, desserts and coffee and drinks and the bill was in the region of $100. We thought this was excellent value for money as the standard of service and quality of food really good. We would recommend anyone to try Perkins.

    By now it was about 9-30 and we decided to go home – the long way home! Yes, the only time we took a wrong turning and we were practically on our doorstep all day! Anyway, we saw the sights – several times, and had a few chuckles along the way.

    The lads could not stop talking about their Sky Coaster experience and voted that so far, this had been the most exciting thing they had done, but then said how can you compare everything that you see and do here in Florida, as it is all so diverse.

    We eventually arrived home about 11-00, and by now Chris was feeling a little worse, so he took some Tylenol, had a Jacuzzi and headed off to bed. The rest of us watched some TV and had a chat, then headed off to bed so as to get up early and be ready for Epcot tomorrow.
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    I've seen that skycoaster and nothing on this earth could induce me to go on it.

    Hope Chris feels better tomorrow.
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!

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