Janice's Crew Celebrate at The World - Day 6

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    Aug 18, 1999
    “Wish I Could Be – Part of This World”

    Me – (46) and planner of this holiday of a lifetime.
    Chris – (45) my dear husband who puts up with me.
    James – (22) our son who has never been to Florida.
    Emma – (21) James' Girlfriend and known lovingly as Emmylou.
    Katie – (19) our daughter, also lovingly known as Starlett.
    Ian – (23) Katie’s Fiancé – been before when much younger.

    Day 6 – Sea World

    We took a more leisurely pace this morning and had some breakfast at the villa, well, cereals, eggs and toast. We head off for Sea World at about 9-00am and find that the car park is almost empty and get quite near the entrance.

    Now, this is where the confusion came in about our Orlando Flexitickets. As we go through the turnstile the attendant asks us all to sign and he fills in the expiry date as January 6th? My calculation was 10 days from Christmas Day when we went to Busch Gardens, which took us to Monday 3rd but he had calculated 10 days from this day – 28th. What to do? A quick conflab and as naughty as it might be, we decided not to say anything. Those couple of extra days may come in handy – and well, it was not our mistake. All I can think of was the day did not register at Busch on the black strip! So we just carried on.

    We got our park maps and schedules and head straight for the Wild Arctic, as Emma is a Polar Bear fanatic! We all loved the ride (except Chris, who walked through) and we spent a good time watching the Polar Bear, Walrus and Beluga Whale swim. It is surprising how long you can spend, just watching them, watching you, watching them! We also had a good chat with one of the Sea World team who was on hand to answer any questions, and again, as there were not that many people about, we was able to get a more personal response. However, we had sorted out our schedule and we needed to get a move on if we wanted to catch the next show of the new Clyde and Seamore Treasure Island show, which is just as amusing and funny, as the Hotel show was. We then spend some time round by the Sea Lion’s; feeding them and just enjoying watching them sunbathe! Yes, the weather has cheered up and the sun is shining. We then have some lunch, Pizza, Burgers and Salad with CornCobs, and head off to see Shamu. I love the relaxed atmosphere at Sea World and today is no different. The Shamu show is just as good and funny as ever and the crew really enjoy this. We then take in the Manatees, Penguins – which are Chris’ favourite - and Stingrays and Turtles.

    We are all feeling a little tired and jaded after our hectic schedule yesterday, but as the weather has warmed up, the crew want to Journey to Atlantis! Well, Chris and I did this last time round and being as Chris was a little under the weather, and I started to get that tingly feeling at the back of my throat – you know the sort! – we decided to sit this one out and enjoy watching the rest of them get wet – make that soaked!! This got a big thumbs up and they all loved the ride. We now made our minds up that we would head off home, call in and replenish our supplies and maybe have a swim. Being as the weather had been very warm, the pool might be. Just as we were making our way back to the car though, we managed to catch a good ¾ of the excellent Intensity Water Ski Show, which was great fun. The teams egged you on to support them and give a superb demonstration of their acrobatic and water skills. We all enjoyed the interaction with this show.

    We do a fairly quick shop at Publix and arrive home about 7, surprised at how the time flies by. The lads manage to have a good couple of hours in the pool. Emma has a dip as well but Katie – not being a water baby, would rather sunbathe – catches up on some reading. I must say at this point that Katie had a lot of college work to do and had brought her text books with her to try and do some work. She is studying Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre this term and it is quite deep. She deserved a medal, because at every opportunity she would get her book out and try to read as much as she could. In the car, with a little light on at the back even. However, we all insisted that she put her book in the locker every day at the parks so that she would have a break – such dedication!!

    Chris decides to have a Jacuzzi and tries to soothe away his aches and pains. Me, you ask? Well, I made the sandwiches and the tea of course!! Oh, and the girls and me sorted out some washing. Who says we have all the fun!!

    An early night was in order after another great day. We all loved Sea World for its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and we will go back another day, to see the rest of it. After all, we did not get to see the Dolphins, Terrors of the Deep or The Coral Reef. In the meantime, a reserved score of 70 out of 100.
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    And yet another great day.
    I wouldn't have said anything about the mistake with the tickets either ;).
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!

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