Janice's Crew Celebrate at The World - Day 2

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    ‘Fly me to the Moon’

    DAY 2 – Christmas Eve.

    We are all up, showered and dressed by 7-30. (Have I got them trained or what??) Cornflakes, toast and a cup of tea whilst checking out the weather predictions on the TV.

    A decision is made – it will not be warm enough today to go to Blizzard Beach. We are disappointed as it looks so much fun, and Chris and I have never been either so we had really hoped to do this today. The weather channel is predicting only reaching a high of 58 degrees, and I know it is a lot warmer than at home but to Floridians this is hat and coat weather!!

    Kennedy Space Centre it is. We set off by about 8-45 and we go the long way round to show James and Emma, International Drive. FAO Swartz still amazes me and I had forgotten that it had not been built when Katie was there with us in 1995 so they all enjoyed seeing this, and Wonderworks.

    We arrive at KSC at about 10 and had been surprised at the lack of traffic. Maybe this is a sign of things to come! The entrance and size of the car park is the first thing James notices. We parked in the first car lot (No fee) which was only half full and we go to the new ticket plaza. We purchase Maximum Access Badges at $26.00 each and saved $3.50 each using the voucher that was in the vehicle, courtesy of Alamo. We had brunch in the Orbit Café, well; rather we sat outside, as it was nice and warm. By now the fleeces and sweatshirts were tied round our waist’s as it was getting warmer.

    We decided to do the Space Center Tour first and we noticed that the buses are all new and now have TV screens all along each side. The commentary has slightly changed – for the better in our opinion, and the driver adds his own little bits of information, which is always really interesting. This was where James got his first sight of an Alligator – he was speechless! This place never ceases to amaze me and I shudder when I speak to people who have been to Florida and have never been to the Space Centre. In my opinion, this is a must. You cannot help but be amazed and in awe of the achievements of those involved in the space programme. I have no real interest in Space Travel – but it is OUR history – in OUR lifetime that man flew to the moon and beyond -and I feel humble every time we go.

    The way the centre has expanded over the last 4 years again is remarkable and for the money is a great day out. Our youngsters were really surprised that basically, there is no charge for entry to KSC – you only pay if you wish to do the tour and see the IMAX films.

    We had great weather that day – clear blue skies, no wind, and bright sunshine and we could not have wished for a better view from LC-39, the observation gantry. There was a shuttle out on the launch pad being made ready for a New Year take off – Will I ever get to see one? – and the exhibit and brief film all add to the atmosphere.

    Then on to the Apollo/Saturn V Center. Now, this is where I got all sloppy. The first time we came to KSC, this rocket was situated outside and I took a picture every couple of feet so that I could show James. I had always wanted to share this experience with James as he is into Space Travel etc in a big way and I knew that all of this would ‘blow him away’. Well, we all enjoyed the show in the Firing Room Theatre – the re-creation of Apollo 8 launch. The lads were speechless as the atmosphere builds to the final ‘Lift Off’ and experienced for the first of many times during this holiday the way things are done so spectacularly in the USA. As we walked through to where the Saturn V Rocket was James’ face bore the expression of complete and utter amazement. He just stood, mouth open, for a good few minutes taking it all in. This made it all worth while and I knew at that moment if anyone had come and spoken to me, they would have thought “Who is this blabbering woman”? You know – it’s was just one of those times. We spent quite a long time here, going outside onto the patio area to have yet another coffee and bite to eat.

    We eventually rejoin the tour and visit the International Space Station Center before heading back to the visitor center to check in for our Imax Films. First, we watch The Dream Is Alive, which in my opinion is the best film and would give this priority over the other 2. We sat at the very back, in the centre of the theatre, which gives optimum viewing, and the real effects of the sounds. There were so few people here today, that we had no queuing at all, which suited us fine, yet by the time the film started – almost a full theatre! We took a stroll around the Rocket Garden, the Space Walk of Honour and the Astronaut Memorial ending up at the Shuttle Plaza where the others all went up to see the shuttle. I sat below and had a well-deserved rest. We then made our way back to the theatre, but we had to make a choice as time was running out now. Should we cut out the other film and head for the Space Shop? Everyone wanted to get souvenirs so the shop it was and we spent the last ¾ hour sorting out some gifts to bring home.

    We then made our way back to I/Drive, stopping to have dinner at Shoney’s ($70 approx.) and then home after our first exhausting day.

    On reflection we all had a brilliant day and was most definitely one of the highlights of the holiday. I asked the crew what would they give this day out of 100 and they all agreed that 94 would be a fair figure. The food and drinks at KSC are of a fairly good standard and not too pricey.
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    Sounds like a really great day.
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!
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    I too really enjoyed KSC. The Saturn V rocket is truely awe-inspiring isn't it?


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