Janice's Crew Celebrate at The World - Day 10

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    ‘A Bright New Day!’

    DAY 10 – New Years Day

    Now, we had decided that today would be a day of rest and just as well really. Chris by now is feeling very poorly and did not wake up till about 11 am. The rest of the crew surfaced not much before – all a little worse for wear. We sorted out a nice breakfast in the villa of cereals, eggs and toast and sat for quite a while reflecting on the day before.

    We had a generally lazy day, with the lads and Emmylou having a swim in the pool, which was still not really hot, but they made the best of it. Katie caught some sunshine whilst reading – she always had her nose in her book when she had the chance, ever the dedicated student.

    I tidied around the villa and generally rested – the old legs were really feeling it today and I think we were all grateful of the relaxation.

    Chris began to feel more human late in the afternoon and suggested we go out for dinner, but I had other plans!

    I thought that maybe it was time for me to drive the vehicle, just in case I was needed to. Although our insurance covered James, Ian & Emma to drive the car because they are all under 25, it would have cost us an additional £150 each with the hire company and it was just a bit too much for them to afford.

    So, I suggested to Chris that we popped along to the Publix to get some food and I would cook (sort of) dinner for us all, and maybe we could watch some TV, or play some cards later and have an early (ish) night.

    Chris drove to the Publix and we got a couple of ready cooked chickens, some potatoes and various salads, garlic bread and some beer & wine. When we got back to the car, he was really surprised when I said; “I’ll drive, shall I?” If he noticed that I was quivering, he was too much of a gentleman to say so – and he graciously let me take the wheel.

    I was really nervous. I have only been driving for 9 years and although I drive all over the country here, this was a whole new ball game. I am used to Automatics, as that is what I drive here, so that didn’t phase me. Anyway, I went through the drill, adjusted the seat, mirrors etc. Started engine, looked all round, and would you believe it – the whole population of Orlando decided at that very moment to enter the car park and file right behind my car! Anyhow, I waited, patiently I might add – and then made my way out, circumnavigated the car park twice, just to get the feel of the car, bearing in mind that this vehicle is about the size of a small bus, and I pulled out onto the 192.

    Well, I just took my time, followed the directions being patiently given to me by Chris and made my way home. Hey – I loved it! I felt like Queen of the Road, high up and in control. I kept up with the speed of the other traffic and just enjoyed it. It was great – I only felt guilty that I had not offered before.

    We got home safe and Chris announced to the crew that not only did we have ‘Jerkyboy’ (the nickname they had given him when we first got the car) – but we now have ‘Jerkygirl’ as well. I felt a great sense of achievement and promised the crew that I would drive tomorrow.

    We had a nice meal of Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Salad followed by fresh fruit salad and we had a lazy evening playing cards and just chilling out in front of the TV.

    We decided that we would probably have another easy day tomorrow – it was time to hit the shops again and hoped to get back to Sea World late afternoon to finish off the day.

    I think we were all in bed by about 11 PM, after watching Dr Zhivago on the TV.
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    Well done you, for having a go at driving. I still haven't as I just don't think I could cope with a huge automatic car on strange roads on the wrong side of the road.
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    Thanks for the wonderful reports!!!!

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