It's MARVEL-ous on the MAGIC! Oct 2017 Canada Coast Cruise COMPLETE! See Ya Real Soon!


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May 27, 2009
It's MARVEL-ous on the Magic!
October 21-28 2017
Canada Coast Cruise with MARVEL Day at Sea, and Halloween on the High Seas

with Chunkymonkey and Chubbyhubby

Hi everyone! I'm Su-Lynn (aka Chunkymonkey), the one wearing the Captain America shirt on the right. This is my third Disney Cruise TR! I hope to be writing them for many years to come as DCL is one of our favorite ways to vacation, and with this cruise it only gets better and better! On the left is my husband of 9 years, Steve (Chubbyhubby). We hail from the NY/NJ region so this cruise pretty much left from our backyard. It was awesome!

This is our 2nd time on the Magic, our first time was in 2015 for our first Disney Cruise ever. We also went on the Fantasy last year for Star Wars Day at Sea. We love both of these ships but there is something special about the Magic - smaller and perhaps more intimate. We booked a placeholder for 2 rooms last year and I booked this cruise on the first day it was released. It was only later that it became a Marvel Day at Sea and I couldn't be happier!! In addition, there were also Halloween and Pirate Night festivities which made it one big costume party!!

Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for us! pirate:

Here was our itinerary for the week:

Saturday Oct 21- Depart from NYC
Sunday Oct 22 - At Sea (Formal Night)
Monday Oct 23 - At Sea (Marvel Day at Sea)
Tuesday Oct 24 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Halloween on the High Seas night)
Wednesday Oct 25 - Sydney, Nova Scotia
Thursday Oct 26 - Halifax, Nova Scotia (Pirate Night)
Friday Oct 27- At Sea
Saturday Oct 28 - Arrive back in NYC

It is an amazing itinerary. If you ever get a chance to visit these ports, please do as they are beautiful. I crossed off visiting Prince Edward Island from my bucket list as I've always wanted to see Green Gables Heritage Site and on this cruise I got to do that!

Oh and two days after we got home, we flew down to Walt Disney World for the week! But that will be a separate trip report!

Since we had a second stateroom, Steve's parents decided to join us from California. It's their second Disney Cruise and I think I got them to really get into the spirit of watching all the shows and taking character pictures. In addition Steve's aunt joined us from Taiwan, but she did her own thing most of the time and we just saw her at meals.

That's Steve, his parents and his aunt during embarkation.

Hope you're in for our MARVEL-ous cruise on the Disney Magic!!
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Feb 24, 2017
Yay first post!!

I'm so excited to read your report. Hopefully we can add many DCL trips like yours to our travel plans in the future and you are fueling the flames here!
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    May 27, 2009
    Day 1 Part 1: It's Embarkation Day!!

    Assembled and ready to go!

    You think I was excited about Marvel Day at Sea? :rotfl:

    (one suitcase was full of costumes, and another for Fish Extenders LOL)

    What is more exciting than embarkation day for a cruise? Embarkation day for a Disney MARVEL Day at Sea cruise!! Woo hoo! We were packed up and ready to go by 9:30am. Oh but then this happened to me. I got a bloody nose! I NEVER get bloody noses, it's always Steve. Is this a bad omen?!? I hope not!

    Our Port Arrival Time (PAT) was 11:30am-12pm. It only takes us about 45 minutes at most to get to the port from our house in NJ. My dad picked us up at around 10am. We stopped in the town of Fort Lee which is right across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan so we could go to a bakery and get us some pastries and coffees for breakfast. Here's me in the car excited but slightly worried I'd get another bloody nose and ruin my new Captain America shirt.

    Weather outlook for the day: GORGEOUS. Seriously we lucked out. It was 65 F in the morning and went up to 75 F degrees by the time we left port on the Magic, with bright sunny weather. We couldn't have asked for a better embarkation day. So please, nose, don't screw me over on this beautiful day!

    Steve's parents and aunt had already been in NYC for a week. They were staying at our apt in Manhattan. We usually rent it out but the last tenants moved out and we were doing some work ourselves on it so it was vacant. I don't recommend doing any sort of renovation work right before your in-laws come visit - we were literally up till 2am each night before they arrived installing flooring and assembling furniture, so needless to say, we needed this cruise vacation! They had a fun time though exploring the city, plus our apt is literally only 20 blocks from the port so they grabbed a cab to the Port and met us there.

    I believe our pier was Pier 88. There were other ships docked as well but the Magic was obviously the best and most beautiful ship there. Here's a picture of the Magic I took a few weeks before our own cruise as she left on one of her first NYC cruises of the year:

    I was so excited to finally be on this beautiful ship again!!

    The cruise port is quite large, and has a warehouse feel. It felt larger than I thought it would. The only other time I left from here was a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2006 - I don't even remember it being this nice.

    We went through security really easily. Like a breeze. I wasn't even sure it was proper security but it was just in and out, a glance at the passports and through a metal detector and then boom, we were inside the waiting and check-in area. We lined up to check in but at that time there wasn't much of a line at all and there were plenty of attendants. They wouldn't let me take pictures though. We got our KTTW cards, our silver Castaway Cay lanyards, and we were set! Our dining rotation was ACLAACL - although we were dining at Palo on our last day so we'd miss Lumiere's.
    These are the dining rooms on the Magic and you and your service team rotate through them each night of your cruise. Here's a key for those of you not familiar with the dining rotation:

    A = Animator's Palette
    C = Cariocas
    L = Lumiere's

    Here's us waiting for our boarding group! I didn't see any characters so we didn't get a picture with Captain Mickey or anything.

    We were given Boarding Group 6 so in no time we were walking out and onto the Disney Magic!

    While we were on the gangway, look who we see walking out of the ship!

    We skipped the onboarding picture and headed straight into the ship. I have a video of our entry into the main atrium which I will post later. So happy to be back on the Magic!!

    We grabbed a few pictures at the Marvel Day at Sea sign.

    First order of business...LUNCH! We wanted to head to Cabanas located on deck 9, so we took the elevators upstairs. It was packed as was expected so we had to sit outdoors on the top deck. Although it was beautiful it was hot sitting under the sun with no shade. There was a nice selection of food, including carving stations and a shrimp and crab station. I am allergic to some types of crab so I didn't have any.

    Outdoors on a beautiful but warm day:

    Except for Steve's dad who is always cold.

    After 30 minutes we managed to find a table downstairs in the shade.

    So Steve's dad rarely smiles. He doesn't talk much either. He is a man of few words and since having open-heart surgery and a mini-stroke a few years ago says even less. He has his moments though and everything that he says is quite hilarious, when he's talking. You'll have to stick to the end to see whether or not he enjoyed the cruise or not. :)

    At around 1:30 our rooms were ready so we all headed there. Steve and I were in room 6118 which is verandah room, the same room we had on our first Magic cruise. We loved the location, right next to the Aft elevators on the Port side. Steve's parents and Aunt were in stateroom 6146 I think which is further Aft and more quiet. They got the solid white balcony and not the clear glass although I don't think it mattered much to them at all. OK so here's the confusing thing. When we booked placeholders last year myself and Steve's name had to each be on one reservation therefore Steve's KTTW card had 6146 and not 6118 and Steve's mom had 6118, so after a while they just swapped cards because it was easier although you can also go to guest services and get extra key cards to open each other's room. It was very confusing but they got used to it by the end of the week.

    I have a video walk through of our room which I'll post shortly, but here's a picture from later, as we were unpacking so sorry for the mess, LOL:

    Taken from our verandah.

    It was almost time for our meet n greet with the Facebook group that I joined so we headed on out, but first I had to decorate our door. I remembered to pack our stateroom door decor and Fish Extender in my carry on:

    I didn't know what to do with the Boo! magnet - at first it was on the bottom them I moved it to the top.

    I made the decor by buying a Marvel poster that had the graphics, I cut them out and laminated each one then stuck magnet tape on the back. I am not that crafty so this is the most I could do. I had some extras that I put on Steve's parents door too, although they have absolutely no clue who these characters are. Our Fish Extender I found on Ebay, I love it, it's so cute with the pirate theme and the stripes.

    Coming up...we set sail from NYC and lots more pictures from the Magic! :boat:
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    Dec 11, 2008
    Love your reports......... :love:
    You guys are adorable!

    Sailing out of NYC is amazing........
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    May 27, 2009
    Yay first post!!

    I'm so excited to read your report. Hopefully we can add many DCL trips like yours to our travel plans in the future and you are fueling the flames here!
    Thank you! DCL is soooo awesome, I hope to be cruising forever...but only on Disney!

    Your door/FE are GOALS! So cute!! And I love that Cap shirt! Where did you find it??
    Thank you!! I saw some pretty awesome doors out there. Someone even strung LED lights, now that's #GOALS!
    I got my shirt from Amazon! I loved it! I shop on Amazon a lot - I'm so lazy and the prime shipping is nice!

    Love your reports......... :love:
    You guys are adorable!

    Sailing out of NYC is amazing........
    Thank you so much!! :love: Really apprecate it!

    Yup, it sure is, it makes it difficult to cruise from any other port. Steve really wants to do a European cruise though!
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    Jan 28, 2005
    What a fun cruise and bonus that's it's Marvel. I remember reading your Star Wars cruise and loved your costumes. I can't wait to see all the Marvel shirts/costumes you and Steve will be wearing.
    Your door is perfect. What a great idea of just cutting a poster. :thumbsup2


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    Aug 14, 2006
    Jumping a board . Can’t wait to find out what Steve’s dad thought of the cruise and all the marvel things
  • MeghanEmily

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    Apr 21, 2016
    I'm here! Yay! Can't wait to hear about it!

    I don't recommend doing any sort of renovation work right before your in-laws come visit - we were literally up till 2am each night before they arrived installing flooring and assembling furniture, so needless to say, we needed this cruise vacation!
    Uggh! That sounds rough!!


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    Jan 1, 2014
    Following along. What is fish extenders? I have not been on a cruise in many years so Forgive me, lol! Your door looks so cute all decorated with baby Marvel characters. You and your family look so nice in the pictures! I imagine the food on the cruise is awesome. Excited to hear more.


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    Nov 15, 2009
    Joining in! I love when the port is so close to home, when the Wonder sailed out of San Pedro it was very convenient and we were back home 20 minutes after disembarking.

    Sounds like your first day was a breeze! I didn't realize you folks were landlords too! Since I have about nine months until my next cruise, I will have to live vicariously through your experiences!


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