Is your DVC vacation as wonderful as you dream it will be?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by lodgelady, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. lodgelady

    lodgelady DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2001
    I have been dreaming and planning our upcoming, 10 night , Vero/VWL vacation since we joined last April. I have never planned my vacations so far in advance before! With 59 days to go til we board our plane I am now hoping that I won't be letdown after all the long waiting and high expectations.
    I know that many of you, my fellow DVC'ers, are "vacation dreamers" like I am- do you come home satisfied that it was all worth it? I know nothing is perfect, but I can't help but hope that it is NEARLY perfect!!! :earsgirl: :wave:
  2. Pluto4President

    Pluto4President DIS Veteran ºoº DVC 4ME

    Nov 14, 2000
    I think with a 10 day vacation it will be worth all of the anticipation!
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  4. spiceycat

    spiceycat dvc-blt

    Oct 26, 2000
    Yes!!! I love my DVC vacations each and every time - even when things go wrong - because you can say to yourself that it will better next time and IT IS!!! well mostly. I really love DVC!!!
  5. sueg

    sueg <a href="

    Aug 20, 1999
    DVC takes the pressure off. Since you know you will be returning (soon) your vacations are great, even if they are "practically perfect".

    POOH&PIGLET I love my DW, DDs, & DVC!

    Feb 21, 2001
    As sueg said, the pressure is off with DVC.
    We are starting to plan for our Oct/Nov, 13-night trip. The planning is so low stress because we know that we will be going back again and again. In a way, expectations are lower. Also, we have alot more relaxation and days off planned. With that in mind, the trip will most likely exceed expectations.
  7. DVCajun

    DVCajun <font color=red>If you believe in Magic you belong

    Aug 18, 1999
    I agree. Before we bought into DVC I was a real commando. I really felt panic, that this trip HAD to be perfect because I didn't know when I would be fortunate enough to return. Now, I am very relaxed and secure in the knowledge that I don't have to run myself into the ground because I'll be back "home" again soon. It's a wonderful feeling.

    I have also found that I'm very proprietary about WDW now that I "own a piece of the magic." :) It's definitely my second home and I never forget that.
  8. JonHM

    JonHM Turn into the spin, Barbie!!!!

    Jun 21, 2001
    I too was worried about this exact same thing before our January trip to BWV, which was our first DVC trip. I was really worried that I had built DVC up so much in my mind that I was bound to be let down. Well I am VERY pleased to tell you that all of my fears were unfounded - our trip was FANTASTIC, and actually SURPASSED all of the high expectations that I had built up over the previous 8 months! :D
  9. chris1gill

    chris1gill <a href="

    Sep 2, 1999
    Believe me you will have a wonderful vacation, I have no doubt!! The only thing is, don't rush through the parks & make yourself crazy!! Enjoy the resorts, enjoy the pools, enjoy the ambience... enjoy all the little things you see & do... Those are probably all the things you've never noticed on your non-DVC vacations... As everyone said, with DVC vacations, the pressure is off!!
  10. lodgelady

    lodgelady DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2001
    Thanks for all of your reassuring comments! I only have one more PS to make (Cindys of course ) this week, then I am done doing all the planning I can for now-so with your kind reassurances I can put vacation plans aside til after Easter. By then it will be time to reconfirm everything right before we go. Thanks again for helping me not worry! :)
  11. MikeScott8

    MikeScott8 <font color=green>DVC Pooh<br><font color=red>Yes

    Oct 15, 2001
    Back in Janurary was my first trip to WDW as an adult, and first staying on site. We rented points at OKW and it was wonderful! Going down I knew I wanted to buy into DVC, but fiance wouldn't without seeing it and taking the preview.

    The first day we did a bunch, but Tuesday morning we were really relaxed (from staying at OKW I think) and played it by ear. We were supposed to be going to MK but deciede to hit Chef Mickey's for breakfast and then we went to look at the Wedding Pavillion and then we walked to the Poly... we never made it to MK that day :)

    The next day we took our preview and ended up putting down a deposit!! the rest of the trip was very relaxed as we knew we would be coming back many times in the next 40 years! so we knew we didn't have to fit everything in the one trip.

    So I am sure you will enjoy the trip! you will be so relaxed and not worried about doing the parks commando style because you will be back.

  12. dianeschlicht

    dianeschlicht <font color=blue>DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Hon

    Nov 22, 2000
    It is true, you will find you have a much more relaxed time on your vacation, because you know you will be back over and over again. Haven't experienced BWV, but I can tell you we can't wait to get back to our home away from almost from the minute we leave it!
  13. imgoingtodisney

    imgoingtodisney Goal! going on this cruise 37lbs less and I will e

    Apr 28, 2001
    We havent yet used our points for vacation. - But
    Our family vacation at Wilderness Lodge 9 nights last Oct was wonderful - and
    My first cruise to Key West and Cozumel last Dec was wonderful - so
    how can our first family cruise on the Disney Magic be anything but wonderful???!!!
  14. NancyDVC

    NancyDVC DIS Veteran

    Apr 26, 2000
    I have 10 years experience as a DVC member. It is without a doubt the best thing I have ever purchased.
    No more "Commando vacations" aka "Do Disney in a Day or Die". Lots of time to sit back and enjoy the little things-a walk through the resort, a ferry trip to DD, watching golfers make the most bizarre strokes from my balcony, relax by the pool, riding a bike etc. I will be back, I will see it again, I don't need to rush around and only "see" my vacation through the pictures I took.
    Even with the family along (sister, parents, nieces & nephew) it was a laid back trip.
    Take a deep breath, calm down. Decide on a few "must sees" and "must dos" and leave time to discover "everything else in the world". Learn from others on this board what they enjoy including things you wouldn't think of doing. Afternoon tea at the GF, watching the Electrical Water Pageant from the Poly, the GF, Comtemporary or WL, renting a bike at the WL and riding along the paths to FW etc. You won't regret it.
  15. CaptainMidnight

    CaptainMidnight DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2000
    I worry from time to time about having such high expectations for our Disney vacations that the reality cannot possibly live up to the "Dream". But, each time I visit a resort I am pleased, they are fabulous.

    The important focus is time with the family, and a beautiful environment sure helps that. I haven't been dissappointed, and I'm always glad to hear how manay people are happy with thier purchase. These boards are wonderful.
  16. TIdoublegaER

    TIdoublegaER <a href="

    Dec 12, 2001
    I always wonder if I will be disappointed when we go on vacation since I have such high expectations. I have yet to be let down! My only semi-disappoint was when I stayed at CSR on a cash ressie last year. I was so used to the way we are treated by DVC, that I was somewhat disappointed that I did not receive that same level of service. Overall the trip was a good one, but not the same as staying at "home". I wish I only had 59 days to vacation. Have to wait another 6 months! :(
  17. cswans

    cswans Earning My Ears

    Jan 12, 2001
    I've had things "go wrong" each of our trips. Ten years ago, I would really let those things get me down. I believe mostly the problem was in me--I approached the first carefully planned trip with a sense of (for lack of a better word) entitlement. I was entitled to a perfect trip. Then I got really mad if something went wrong. I have learned to laugh at myself. Reservations for dinner DO get mixed up, jackets DO get forgotten when you have a long walk and it's raining, kids DO get sick, cranky. But you just tell yourself, oh well, it's not going to ruin my trip! And I'd rather be soaking wet in the rain at WDW than at home, anyday. That's what I've mostly learned to say: "Well, at least I'm in my favorite 40 square miles on the planet!" whenever something goes wrong.;)

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