Is Universal Good for Young Kids 6, 4, 2? Which Park?

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    We went last Sept. and are planning to go this Sept. My DH asked me about going to Universal for a day, but as I remember (I have only been there once years ago) those parks are geared toward older kids. Is there a lot for young kids 6, 4 and 2 when we go? They don't mind height and speed but hate scary and dark. They didn't even do haunted mansion. Also, is there any kind of transportation service that picks up at Disney World Resorts. We won't be getting a car, so if not that would keep us from doing it anyway. If you do think it is good for young kids, which park?
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    Hellow,the Studios has the curios george fievel play ground and Barney area.Also Jimmy nuetron is pretty fun so is Shrek!!

    At the Islands they got Suess landing,very kid friendly,Jurrassic Park Discovery Center..

    Here is the website check it out: Click on the theme parks link..

    As far as transportation,Mears I hear is great and cost $16 per person roundtrip!!!

    Hope this helps..
    The Duck

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