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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by jessarah, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. jessarah

    jessarah Guest

    This is our first cruise so I'm looking for advice. I got a quote from DU on a 3 land/4 sea cruise on August 15-22 for 2 adults/2 children, Poly garden, Cat 6 for $5008.40 plus $200 rebate. This is the same quote I got from DCL (but no rebate) Is this a good price?

    Also, if a code becomes available for the room only, can it be applied to the Poly even though it is a part of the land/sea package?

    Has anyone added the discovery or deluxe magic package. Was it worth the $?

    Our stateroom is 6548? Any opinions about it? It seems to be right over the kids club. Will our room be noisy? Which cat 6 room do you think is the best?

    Finally, I'm convinced (after reading this board) that the late seating is better for us. Do I just ask DU to change this before booking? My dds 4 & 6 probably will eat earlier and spend the evening in the kids club but in the event they eat with us, will there be a problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hygiene99

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    May 27, 2000
    well , would need more info , to help , when is cruise and park stay??? if it is january and u get the coupon for $99.00
    3 day cruise in the fall i would say ok . other than that need more info
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  4. CathyCanada

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    Apr 21, 2000
    Hi Jessarah,
    Any discounts that are offered by DCL that you are eligible for will be applied to your reservation by DU pretty much the day it is announced.

    I prefer the second seating myself and if the kids (even though mine are older) need a snack around 4:00 we get room service, pizza or chicken fingers to tide them over until dinner. Just ask the agent who priced your reservation to make the change and they will be happy to comply.

    As for the price, if you want the seamlessness of the land/sea package, then that is great for you. You can try splitting the reservation into separate land and sea to compare the prices too. Just fill out new reservation requests so that there is a paper trail. :)

    As for the stateroom assignment, I have stayed near that room and had no problems at all with noise.

    I can't wait for my next cruise in May, enjoy!
  5. jessarah

    jessarah Guest

    Poly Aug 15-18--Cruise 18-22 Thanks
  6. Hygiene99

    Hygiene99 <font color=teal>I am quite the little Teapot<br><

    May 27, 2000
    i bet that price will go down... it is early yet and dcl has had specials in the past... for that time period . not say ing it will happen again but ... is that airfare included ??
  7. angel dog

    angel dog Earning My Ears

    Nov 22, 2001
    That price is for 2 with transfers and insurance. I did call back and was able to get cat. 10 with secret porthole cabin 5020 for $1107. That price feels more comfortable to me. I was told they will NOT be having FALL FANTASY fares any longer. They just lowered all the prices.
  8. jessarah

    jessarah Guest

    the price (5008) did not include airfare.

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