Is there anyplace in Disney to go to church?


Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2001
We will be arriving on a Sat. night and I was wondering if anyone knows of any Catholic Masses on Sat. or Sunday? Thanks. Nancy
According to the Unofficial Guide, the Polynesian holds mass at 8 and 10:15 am. Hope this is correct I guess you could call the resort and make sure. The book also suggests calling your own resort and ask about other religious services, is you're not going to be close to the Poly. on Sunday. HTH!

Lori P.
The Mass at the Polynesian is held in the area where they have the Luau. No kneeling and they ask that you don't even stand much because the tables are close together and the chairs are not the best for sit/stand/sit, etc. Full mass, somewhat informal. Very nice, though. Usually lasts less than an hour, maybe 45 min. There is a shine not too far from WDW where they have mass several times on Sunday and also on Sat evening.
Click on the link to the DIS Home Page. They have a complete list of church services and times in the area.

We went to the 8AM Mass at the Poly this fall. It was very nice, there was music done by a retired couple and the priest was very interesting..gave a nice homily. We enjoyed it very much. It lasted close to an hour when we were there, but I think it ran a bit longer than usual. It was very crowded so I would advise getting there at least 15 minutes early.


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