Is the Lei Welcome and water in front of the hotel back?


Aug 21, 2020
Is this a racist comment or you just being uninformed? My response won't really change...just kinda wanna know context. A very large percentage Disney products are made in Asia...china specifically. If origin is an issue, I'm sure Disney would move production back to the USA if people want to pay $xx% more.

The leis we saw at Ama Ama were obviously made by lei "craftsmen/women". People with real knowledge of the art. Not saying leis aren't nice at arrival....but at the end of the day...who really cares? Worst case, take one from the stitch statue....seems like that's where the unwanted ones go anyways
There were some beautiful leis on the stitch statue when I was there last week. I wanted to borrow one to wear to dinner but my husband thought that was too weird. Is that something people do?


Mar 23, 2021
They used to leave these flower on a Mickey towel arrangement…
Yes - we have received it before too. I think it was our first trip after buying our DVC. It’s actually quite nice — we have bought similar at the ABC store since. It would be a nice welcome gift.


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