Is the dessert party for wishes worth it?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by kajs22, May 27, 2013.

  1. kajs22

    kajs22 Mother extraordinaire, friends call me wonder woma

    Apr 27, 2013
    I was excited to hear of the dessert party, but, after reading all the reviews not so sure I want to do it. People standing in front of their tables and children, grandparents etc. It seems like no matter where you go you just can't avoid people acting badly? I guess if that is the case is it really worth the expense? Is there a better place to watch the fireworks from?
  2. telephoneman66

    telephoneman66 Mouseketeer

    Aug 24, 2009
    We did it for July 4th a few years ago. Desserts were awesome. Drinks ran out fast but they brought More

    When the show started, the other patrons all stood up and crowded the rail, which made us have to stand as well.

    Still beats fighting the crowd on the street and still having to stand.

    Definitely worth it to me.
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  4. pmaurer74

    pmaurer74 DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2010
    I guess you are fighting with 50 people instead of thousands. We go in a few weeks and I will let you know if it is worth it.
  5. mousefan73

    mousefan73 DIS Veteran

    May 9, 2012
    I am one who was disappointed as it's sold so you assume you have vip seated viewing as part of the party. Like i said the food is overpriced but so is everything at WDW. The food is good just didn't rock my world.

    We were also there in Sept. with lower crowds. I keep hearing horror stories of busy times where to have a standing spot you need to park yourself hrs before. Here this party might make sense if once outside the Terrace it's butt to butt packed.
  6. kgsmith

    kgsmith DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    My family definitely thinks it's worth it. We've done it three times now. We enjoy the desserts and the chance to sit down and relax. We try to do it on an EMH night so that we're "rested" :lmao: after the fireworks and ready to go a couple more hours.

    We're generally seated in the first row of tables, so we don't go up to the rail. We can see just fine from our table.

    I'm hoping to get a reservation for our August trip!
  7. herb102211

    herb102211 DIS Veteran

    Mar 4, 2011
    Weve been to the wishes dessert party 3 times. We enjoyed sampling all of the desserts! Weve never really had an issue with people standing in front of us, but I have heard that its happened. We do like that there is a photopass photographer so we can get some shots with Cinderellas castle with no other people in the background of photos. If youve never been, I would give it a shot! Just dont plan on leaving the dessert party right after wishes ends as its a mad dash to the exit!
  8. Crystal824

    Crystal824 DIS Veteran

    Feb 23, 2008
    We did the dessert party a couple of weeks ago. The desserts are ok...they were good but not great. We didn't have any issues with people crowding us or standing in front of us. We did go up to the ledge and stand as the show started. They tell you when you check in that you should stand so everyone can see. Overall, it was nice and I would do it again to avoid the crowds not just to eat the desserts.
  9. North of Mouse

    North of Mouse DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2011
    If the fireworks viewing was great, then maybe it would be worth it, but it is sorely lacking in that respect, so totally *not* worth it to us. Also, part of the draw, for us, would be having a seat, and that's not usually possible, so have to stand anyway.

    We 'love' the fireworks and want to see 'all' of them, so would rather be in the crowd. It's really not that big a deal to us. Also, if crowds are an issue, we have watched them from FLE and the view is better there than the terrace.
  10. JessM

    JessM We all have a dream

    Sep 5, 2012
    I personally think the Dessert Party is worth it. We've done it twice. Yes, everyone stands by the railing, but the CMs encourage it and the tables in the back you can't see so I don't know why no one expects people to stand up. I've seen people bringing seats over to the railing if they don't want to stand. I love the view, being able to relax before wishes and I think the desserts are good. We'll be doing it again for our next trip!
  11. scjo68

    scjo68 DIS Veteran

    Oct 17, 2002
    We have done it four times.
    We enjoy it and find it worth it.
    Others do not enjoy it, or find it terribly overpriced. Everyone should form their own opinion.

    The view: It is not as perfect as the view from the hub. Viewing from the hub allows you to see the fireworks centered over the castle. From the dessert party, your view is slightly skewed to the side. It does not bother me, but I have seen Wishes many times and from many different spots- I always enjoy it.

    If Tinkerbell flies that night, she flies right over the dessert party, so you have a perfect view. I have learned not to depend on that. Definitely do not promise the kids that it will happen. Tink has only "flown" in 2 of the 4 parties we have attended. She does not fly if weather is at all "iffy". I can't complain- got to keep Tink safe. I consider her flying a "bonus".

    CM's have always told us that viewing the fireworks is "standing room only", meaning you will need to stand at the rail to view the fireworks when it is time for them. Sometimes our table is front row, and we can see them from our table, even with folks standing at the rail. But sometimes we are under the roof, and we must stand and move to view. It has never been a big deal for us. We don't "stake out" a spot on the rail till about 10 minutes before the fireworks, and even then, we probably didn't need to. But CM's have always made it clear that you are not expected to stay in your seat. So the guests standing at the rail are not being rude.

    I have seen people try to move chairs near the rail to sit and watch there. Every time, CM's tell them they are not allowed to do this. I have never seen it allowed. I am sure this is a safety issue. If a chair is next to the rail a child can stand on it and fall over.

    We really enjoy the desserts. Some don't. Desserts have always been frequently replenished while we are there. I will say that they do not have unlimited amounts of every kind of dessert. Pistachio Crème Brulee has been limited every time we have been. When that runs out, they replace it with something else. They do not run out of food completely, but by the end of the party, it was mostly cupcakes and ice cream. So if there is something you want, take it early.

    IMO, it is considerate to just take a few of each item, not an entire tray. I have seen guests move entire platters of one type of dessert to their table, so they are sure to get enough. Then it goes to waste. I think this is rude. (sorry...back to your question...)

    I think it also depends how crowded it is when you go. When we went in January, Wishes was easy to see from the hub, without a big crowd around us. When we started going in August, we found it way more crowded to view Wishes from in front of the castle- we haven't done it since.

    So, for us it is worth it.
  12. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 2012
    I have only been once but thought it was totally worth it. :thumbsup2
  13. Carlyzmom

    Carlyzmom Axiom Crew

    Mar 22, 2008
    So glad I found this thread!! We have it booked for the first time in June! Cannot wait!!! :cheer2:
  14. AquaDame

    AquaDame Disney Cruise Line Moderator

    Jul 7, 2010
    Doing the party on Thursday, can't wait! I couldn't decide if it was worth it either but decided to go for it this time as a great way to kick off the vaca. :thumbsup2
  15. kajs22

    kajs22 Mother extraordinaire, friends call me wonder woma

    Apr 27, 2013
    Thanks for the advice everyone - think we will try it out this year and hope for the best:)

    p.s. - can't believe someone would pick up a tray of desserts and bring them to their table:( This happens at club service at the hotels also...
  16. BayGirl22

    BayGirl22 DIS Veteran

    Apr 23, 2012
    We went 2 weeks ago and thought it was worth it.

    They are pretty clear that everyone will stand up at the rail during the fireworks, I've never seen it stated that you'll have a seated view. Still its way less crowded than the street. We were at a front row table over to the side and could remain in our seats.

    I thought the desserts were good. We don't get dessert much with meals so it was a nice treat. Also a nice way to chill while waiting for the show, instead of staking out a spot on the street.
  17. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    Sep 5, 2012
    I did this on my last trip and LOVED it!! I thought it was actually a bargain, for all the delicious desserts, drinks and coffee and the great view of Wishes as well. If I only had one night to see Wishes I'd maybe hesitate as my favorite way to watch the fireworks is still from the front on the Hub, but we usually catch Wishes 3-4 times on a trip and I intend to do the Dessert Party once on every trip from now on :)
  18. pascalstongue

    pascalstongue DIS Veteran

    Jul 23, 2012
    We went two weeks ago and it was good but I won't bother doing it again. The desserts were average and the view of the fireworks was ok but obviously not as good as when viewed from the front. Lots of people were stood by the railing. Most people claimed a spot at the railing to watch MSEP and then stayed there. They can't of eaten many desserts!?
  19. mjbradeis

    mjbradeis Mouseketeer

    Feb 15, 2008
    How far out can you book?

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  20. kellyg403

    kellyg403 <font color=green>She changes friends like she cha

    Aug 20, 2005
    We love the Dessert Party. This will be our fifth time in December. I love being close enough to actually see Tink flying overhead. Even though most go to the railing and stand to watch, the view of the fireworks are great. There is some seating, that you can still view sitting down even with folks standing at the rail. Desserts are plentiful, and while I don't eat a lot of them, we enjoy the ability to have a place to sit and relax and wait for the show without 20k of our closest friends! The hub can get crazy waiting for the fireworks to start.

    As another mentioned, it is also nice to be able to kind of hang out in your seat for a few after the show is over and Main Street clears out. For my dh who is a definite crowd hater (and his version of 'crowded' is not mine, his is a very lose interpretation..;)) it is a way better way to end the evening. The Main Street/Hub masses have been his biggest complaint in years past.

    I hope that you at least give it a try. Its the one reservation I try to get on the first day we can!

  21. luvformickey

    luvformickey Mouseketeer

    Apr 21, 2013
    For us, the answer is YES! We've done it the last two trips and will continue to add it to each of our annual trips. It is so nice to not have to worry about finding a spot around Main Street hours before the show and then having someone come stand right in front of you. We look forward to unwinding over a few desserts, enjoying the show from a reserved area and not rushing out into a crowd when the fireworks are over. It's definitely a highlight for us. But, like everything else, you will have to decide whether it's a good fit for your family--it's not for everyone and everyone's experience will be different.

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