Is the best place to buy DW tickets AMA?

Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by calgarymom, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Hello. We're trying to decided where the best place to buy Disney World tickets. We looked into Alberta Motor Association (AMA) but they only sell to members... which is okay because if they are the cheapest to buy from then we will get a membership. Just thought I check here though and hopefully hear from someone with experience where to buy cheapest. I heard the "Disney Store" also sells them.

    We were thinking of buy the 3-day Magic your way tickets with an add-on of the waterparks for an additional $16 ish per day (and they state you get "3" visits). So does that mean we can have 3 days of theme parks plus 3 days of waterparks, totalling 6 days of admissions? It is soooooo confusing? If that's right it would be perfect cause we want to go to Magic Kingdom for 2 days, Animal kingdom for 1 and about 2 days of WaterPark and forfeit the 3rd day to rest (maybe).

    Any comment or advice is very much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Go to Sign up for their monthly newsletter. In that newsletter which comes on the 15th of every month is a secret link to Undercover Tourist. Follow the link and purchase your tickets through them. The absolute best deal, free and very quick shipping and the tickets are even returnable if unused. If you buy a three day you get three days of park use and up to three uses (within 14 days if they are expiring tickets) of the water park or disneyquest or golf now etc.:goodvibes

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