Is Hertz at the Orlando Airport???


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000
Airport?? Are there coupons? percentage off codes? Upgrade coupons? and where do I find these? Can anyone share this info?


We always rent a car and from my experience the rate for Hertz off site is not any better than an on site rental. Do a search on this board for a coupon from Dollar and EA rate From National or even a Budget. Their counter is always the most crowded when I have been there. I don't think I would go off site because like I said I think the price is just as high and the Shuttle adds time to your pickup. National was great for our last rip. We travel in the summer and it is not very cheap but we got an upprade for free to a full size from a midsize.
Nothing against Hertz, but it is one of the rentals that wants a credit card when you make your reservations. Right now the rates for National and Dollar are falling, almost daily. Check both of them, and use some of the codes mentioned on this board. Hopefully, you'll find something you like. I thought Hertz was in the terminal, but if you go to Expedia, and do a search on car rates, it will tell you which companies are in terminal and off terminal.

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We used Hertz this past Dec 10-19. I was a little leary of using them because it always seems they are twice as much. But this time we used DH Hertz Gold. After our family of four boarded the bus (two other people were on board), we headed to the rental lot. 7 minutes later, we found our car waiting for us, loaded up, and we were off--45 minutes ahead of my calculations.

I would definately use Hertz again! A previous trip we used National and it was a total nightmare (granted it was in May).
You still pay the airport fees. I am using them tomorrow nite. I also have extra "Entertainment coupons" if any one wants them. I think you could use your DC card for the membership...

Unless you get an excellent deal I wouldn't go to an off site rental agency. It has been my experience that it is much easier to get your luggage and walk to the rental agency and walk across the street to your car. National is very good but I think Budget and Dollar are there as well I can't remember who else I know there is atleast one more agency at the airport.

There are five on-site:

L & M

It is much easier to rent on-site. The cost is absolutely comparable if not better!
I originally used the codes from this board to rent a car for next week from Dollar, then I went back to their site this week, checked the rate without codes, and the price dropped $38. With the codes, the price stayed the same.

Recheck the price on your reservations the week before you leave, it could save you quite a bit.
When you rent from National, you go to the garage across the street from the terminal and pick the car from the class you rented from. If they have ten mid size cars, and you rented a mid size, then you have ten cars to choose from, your choice. The keys are waiting in the ignition.

Over at Hertz, they give you the parking space number of where your car is and chances are, you'll have to learn to like that car.

Hertz is located about 2 miles north of the airport so they have to shuttle you. On site rental car agencies cost the same, if not less, and much easier to get to. Right below the baggage pick up is the car rental agencies. Can't get easier than that!


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