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  1. Joan1

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    Jan 7, 2005
    Don't know if this is the correct place to post this but my family and I are thinking of going to Ireland sometime in 2008, probably early summer.

    2 adults, 13 (Girl) and 11 (boy) yr old
    We took them to London last year and they loved it but we stayed in one hotel and did day trips. I know with Ireland it is better to move around

    Any suggestions on places to stay in these areas?
    Dublin, County Clare, County Cork, one other place in the South / Southwest between Dublin and Shannon. Going into Dublin and out of Shannon airports

    Looking at not paying over $300 per night for either a family room or two rooms
    Maybe splurging to stay at a castle for a night or two

    Total 10 days in Ireland not counting arrival and departure days
    First time visitors

    Any suggestions would be most welcomed
  2. irisheyes123

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    Sep 26, 2007
    Ok for Dublin Id recommend Crowne Plaza Dublin Airport It is about 4 miles to the city center but has a good repetition on Trip Advisor and rooms are around €110 per night or around $155 and thats a great price from dublin also Clontarf Castle Hotel is not bad at prices if booked early......

    Heres a few hotels in County Clare Bunratty Castle Hotel, Hylands Burren Hotel They also have a lot of B&B in this area that are cheaper than a hotel and more like being at home.....

    Cork..... Heres some hotels in cork... Cork International Airport Hotel, Jurys Hotel Cork, Clarion Hotel Cork, Kingsley Hotel as far as I can tell these hotels are under $300 per night not sure how many to 1 room

    South / Southwest heres some places

    Killarney.... heres some hotels The Arbutus Hotel Killarney, Riverside Hotel Killarney, Killeen House

    Tralee.... heres some hotels.... The Grand, Brandon Hotel,

    Waterford..... Waterford Marina Hotel, Tower Hotel Waterford, Ramada Viking Hotel and Granville Hotel Waterford...

    Hope this helps If you wanted to look up these hotels just search the names of them and place trough trip Advisor might give you an Idea about them.....
  3. Joan1

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    Jan 7, 2005
    I have been reading a couple of guide books and they say that that Killarney and the ring of Kerry are overun by tourist in the summers. Are they overstating it or is this a correct assumption. If it is so where else would you recommend we try to fit in instead

    By reading the guide book I was thinking of the following, any comments?

    Start in Dublin - 3 nights
    Drive to Killkenny stay 2 nights
    County Clare - stay somewhere there for 3 nights - suggestions on which city

    The last 3 nights either in county Kerry somewhere or maybe head to county Mayo? Don't know if that is too far of a drive back to the airport

    Going home from shannon airport

    I know this is 11 nights but I don't like moving every 2 nights and we may have to extend our trip to accommodate it

    What would you add, change, take off

    Irish eyes thank you for the suggestions - in Dublin we would like to stay city center though as we don't want to travel into the city each morning
  4. Alibaba

    Alibaba Ali in Wonderland

    Oct 28, 2006
    Hi Joan
    It is a pity you are staying on the Dublin side of Ireland, else i would've definatly advised you to visit County Donegal it is absolutly beautiful, my husband and his family are from that area (not far from Daniel O'Donnell) and the scenery is absolutly breath taking, so rugged and dramatic, but where ever you end up going you will have a fabulous time
    Take Care

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