Interesting Facts about the "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest Movie"

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    *The first weekend, the movie brought in over $132 million in ticket sales.

    * The first movie - "Curse of the Black Pearl", during it's entire big screen stay, brought in over $650 million.

    *The costs of the "Dead Man's Chest" and the sequel to it (Coming next summer) are over $450 million. The original budget was $350 million but due to health reasons of the cast (read below) it has been bumped (unexpectedly to $450 million)

    * "In its first day in theaters, "Dead Man's Chest" beat the entire opening weekend of the first movie, which made $46.6 million in its debut. The sequel's $55.5 million take Friday is the biggest single-day record." (courtesy of the Wall Street Journal - 7-10-06)

    * Both Dead Man's Chest and it's sequel were budgeted to be filmed together. Much of the filming in the Caribbean was done together with the sequel. This was done primarily because with Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom becoming more famous, they knew it would be more difficult and costly to get them back for an entirely new filming at a later date. The risk was too high.

    However, due to the weather and long hours in the Caribbean, much of the cast became sick and had to be flown back and forth between home and the Caribbean. Eventually it became too much and the filiming for the sequel (to Dead Man's Chest) had to be put on halt. The filming for the next movie will resume in August of 2006.

    * Due to the difficulty in digitally replicating water (to a realistic effect) most of the water (sea) scenes were done in real water, in the ocean. A large tank was built in the ocean, with real sea water. This helped control the waves by keeping them outside of the tank. During large storms (this is the Bahamas in fact) 4 story waves would pile over into the tank and fill it with sand, and then the crew would be forced to spend time dredging the tank before more filming could take place.

    * Dead Man's Chest sold over $55 million tickets on Friday alone, which sets the all time single day tickets sales of any movie in history.

    *The movie was shown on 4,133 screens, beginning at midnight Friday. Only 2004's "Shrek 2" and "Spider-Man 2" debuted on more screens. (Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal - 7-8-2006)

    * After the final results come in - the movie is also to have likely broken the All time 3 day ticket sales record.

    * Dead Man's Chest is a long 150 minute movie (great for those of us who love it!)

    * Part of Davy Jones' tentacles were real and part of them were computer generated.

    * Jack Sparrow's character was modeled from Keith Richards (Rolling Stones).

    * To film both movies simultaneously, the schedule originally called for 2 - 100 day shoots, but due to reasons spoken about, that never happened and will eventually take longer.
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    Yup, biggest opening day and weekend of all time. Pretty impressive.

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