(inspired by jodi1980)how many disney t-shirt do you own?


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Feb 4, 2000
well i counted yesterday and I have 35 shirts that are mine(actually i think im supposed to share like 3 with my bro)and i share about 5 or 6 with my mom and dad

so around 40 or so...with 3 sweatshirts.

how about you??
I have a lot, probably too many to count, but I hardly ever wear them.
  • Two Animal Kingdom
  • One Planet Hollywood WDW
  • 1 ToT tang top
  • 1 RnRC shirt
  • 1 RnRc Tang top
  • 1 White Mickey
  • Others i cant htink of

so about 10
Hmm... well I haven't gotten any recently because I don't really wear WDW shirts that much anymore, but I probably have like 15 in all

Awww...you all have way more than me. :(

I have:

A pink T-Shirt with Princess Aurora on it, which says Princess in sparkly writing (my favourite shirt in the world :D )
A glittery tee of tinkerbell
A Peace Love and Mickey Mouse T-Shirt I got in Paris years ago, which is now sadly falling apart :(

So that's all, I've got to go shopping and catch up with the rest of you :D
i have like 4 or 5 that i got from my last trip that dont fit anymore..i was younger then and now i really dont wear disney shirts :eek:

Let's see I have:
  • Aerosmith RnR shirt
  • Black RnR shirt
  • Animal Kingdom Tank
  • Magic Kingdom 2000
  • Epcot 2000
  • 2001 shirt
  • White 2000 shirt
  • Blue Mickey tank
  • Four Parks One World shirt
  • Tinkerbell Disneyland shirt
  • Grizzly Peak shirt (DCA)
  • Pooh and Tigger shirt
  • Cheshire cat sweatshirt
  • Eeyore and Tigger sweatshirt
  • Tigger and Eeyore's tail sweatshirt
  • Tigger Sweatshirt
  • 100 Years of Magic Sweatshirt
So, I have 17 so far but I'm sure I'll add more!


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