Impressions De AKV.....


Designated Bouncer
Aug 19, 2019
Back from our week long trip to the Orlando parks. We started out taking a Red Eye flight from the west coast. Reasonably priced flights from our local airport arrive at midnight or 5 AM. The last time we had a midnight arrival and our flight was delayed. We felt so awful that time that we decided that getting a few hours of poor sleep on a plane would not be much worse.

Everyone in our family loved staying at Kidani village, and the nightime safari there was one of the highlights of the trip. I think our 18 year old would have preferred one of the Murphy style beds, rather than a pull out. The rooms felt a bit on the dark side, which had both its good and bad points. We could not find a contact lens in the bathroom because the of the colors and the lighting, but other than that I loved the feel of the resort. I would not hesitate to recommend the resort with one caveat. Our experience seemed that buses to Hollywood studios ran less often than to other parks in the morning. I suspect there are fewer breakfast options at HS so there is less of a need to get people to the park before opening. Consider Uber /Lyft to HS in the morning

Staying in a 1 Bedroom really spoiled us. Amazon Prime now delivered about $100 worth of groceries our first afternoon and we cooked taco filling and breakfast casserole that allowed us quick breakfasts and any anytime meal for people. In addition we ordered soup, veggies, turkey burgers, veggie patties various breads, cereals,, etc. Our pattern fell into Breakfast at the room. Head to a park. Lunch in the parks about 11:30am, go back to our room about 2ish in the afternoon. eat dinner at the room between 4 and 5 PM. Those who wanted to do more would head out for another 2-3 hours after dinner. Our first lunch - before our groceries were delivered - was at Sanaa and we were favorably impressed. If we had not been chasing RoR boarding groups on 2 of our days, we probably would have eaten there another time.

So much was new for us as we had not been to WDW in 10 years. Galaxies Edge was impressive and immersive and I want to head back there on week that is NOT a holiday week and really busy. FoP and RoR blew our minds. like most people said they would. I think that next time I would consider an Animal Kingdom or (If they ever offer it) a Hollywood Studios after hours event.


Earning My Ears
Aug 24, 2009
Hi, thanks for the updates. What was the construction situation at Kidani? Was there still scaffolding blocking off the lobby views?


Designated Bouncer
Aug 19, 2019
I didn't notice much in the way of scaffolding, but unless it was really obnoxious I may have just focused my sights on where there was none,,,,


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