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    From the Disney/MGM Studios Cast Cue Card January 2001:

    Have You Heard About the New Icon?
    - An exciting new icon for the Disney/MGM Studios, with the creation of a 120ft tall Sorcerer Mickey Hat, is being built.
    - We're thrilled to be adding this imaginative icon for the Studios, following the tradition of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth at Epcot, and the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
    - The Sorcerer Hat is a perfect fit at the Disney/MGM Studios, representing the magic of showbiz and the entertainment wizardry of Disney.

    Questions and Answers (meant to answer guest questions)

    What is the construction taking place at the Disney/MGM Studios?
    An exciting new icon is being built with the creation of a giant Sorcerer Mickey Hat, just like the hat worn by Sorcerer Mickey - brilliant blue in color and standing more than 120ft tall.

    Where is it going to be in the park?
    The Sorcerer Mickey hat will stand at the the end of Hollywood Blvd., directly in front of the Chinese theater, and will take approximately nine months to complete.

    What about the Chinese Theater and the Earful Tower - don't they count as icons?
    The Disney/MGM Studios is a dynamic theme park that captures the excitement of the many aspects of entertainment-not only movies, but animation, television, theater, and music. the new icon will represent the magic of show business and the entertainment wizardry of Disney.

    What will this mean for the Earful Tower? Will it remain on property?
    The Earful Tower still remains a very important part of our park. We are just thrilled at the opportunity to build an icon that more reflects the magic of show business and the entertainment wizardry of Disney.
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    The perkieness of the Q&A scares me. OOOOOOUUUHHHH (see me shudder in my computer chair and look around.)
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    What about the Chinese Theater? There was no answer of what will happen to it? Also, does the answer to the 3rd question answer the question?

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