Immigration St. Thomas vs St. Croix


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Jan 23, 2000
No immigration check in St. Croix another US island so I assume the St. Thomas check is due to who ever is in charge down there on the island. If it came directly from Washington DC all of US Virgin Islands would have to do it. Oh well. At least now I have an answer. Only 6 more weeks till we leave! and we finally had our 1st snow of winter that amounted to much. It will be a long 6 weeks. Happy Cruisin' Kathy
Actually, When I was in St. Croix a few years ago, we DID have to go through immigration when we LEFT. Not when we entered, but only when we left. This was due to the fact that St. Croix is a point of entry to the United States. So, unless something has changed, you do have to be questioned breifly by immigration. I know we all were.. (The same group went to St. Croix as went on the Disney Cruise last year.)
We were there last Feb. and there was no immigration procedure. We visited the port showed our room card to reboard and we were on our way to another island. I asked the question on the Celebrity board over on Cruisecritic since our cruise was on the Celebrity line. No passengers had to present themselves and had their passports etc. checked. Now I will agree and island official will board and do the paper work but only foreign passengers to the US have to present themselves, not US citizens. According to the board, this has not changed like it has in St. Thomas. Kathy
OOOH, I understand. We are talking about two different things. We had to go through immigration atthe AIRPORT when we were leaving, we didn't cruise. I didn't even know there were cruises going there... Anyways, since youwent there, did you like it? Or did you hate it as much as we all did... It was a nasty filthy little island (IMHO) Sorry if anyone else out there likes it, just my own personal opinion...

I know people that cruised on Celebrity cruises and they didn't have to clear immigrations. I'm sorry if I have shot down your theory. They couldn't understand why I had to go through this when they had basically done the same itinerary as me and only had to clear immigrations back at port.


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