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well, all that's left now is the happy ending.
Aug 4, 2005

Seriously. I was stuck at Disney World over Halloween.


I tried to leave, I promise. I went through all the motions. The bags were packed, the goodbyes said, Post Disney Depression (PDD) began to set in... and then I just didn't leave. I couldn't. I TRIED!

I was originally supposed to be at Disney from October 21-26 for a trip with one of my best friends, Lee-Anne. I then decided to stay the weekend even though she had to go home on the 26th, because I needed a vacation more than EVER. Seriously, the past few months have not been good to me. In fact, the past year has just been awful. So, I thought, if I can have 2 extra days in Disney, I'm takin' them. I planned on leaving Sunday night, October 28th.

Someone else also had plans for that night. Her name? SANDY. No, I'm not talking about the innocent gal from Australia who stole Danny Zuko's heart and spent a LOT of time curling her hair in order to impress him. I'm talking about the worst hurricane to ever hit the NJ & NY area.

Needless to say, my flight was canceled. I will not include all the details in the opening post, but this calamity went on and on... AND ON. I just got home from Florida YESTERDAY.

So this trip went on 15 days, from October 21-November 5. If you think I have pushed the limits of Livin It Up at Disney in the past... you ain't seen NOTHIN' YET.

Trust me.

ME! Oh. I'm your host today. Not your ghost host. I'm alive... uh... just barely.

That is a picture of me at the first of THREE Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party(s) that I attended. Because WHY go once when you can go three times? Wham! Wham! Wham! Really. I also got the privilege to experience New Fantasyland four times and... I can't even begin to explain the excellence. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

ANYwho, name is Lia. I enjoy: food, wine, The Food & Wine Festival, Eugene Fitzherbert, getting drunk at Boma without drinking alcohol, meerkats in hula skirts, directing guests to the nearest bathroom (NO I DO NOT WORK HERE!), Our Frogfish Friend Paul, and Maelstroming.

That's really all you need to know about me.

But of course... you already know all of this. Obviously, you know me from my past life-changing, award-winning, wildest-in-the-wilderness Trip Reports, because they are amazing and very hard to miss. The links are below in case you have just moved to civilization after being raised by gorillas and falling in love with a British explorer.

The McLovins Hit The World... HARD!!!!

This is the dawning of the rest of our lives... AT DISNEY WORLD!

Hey, take the day off of work tomorrow! My TRs are wonderful, completely ridiculous, and extremely detailed. I just go on and on about Disney with no end in sight. This report will be the same way. I am sure we have MANY MANY months of Livin It Up ahead of us. It will be LONG and bursting at the seams with pictures (I took about 2500 of them. So.), videos, and stories from one of the best times I have ever had. As Stacey would say, we had fun doin'!!!

I say WE, because I was not the only fabulous person on this trip. I had guests and you must meet them before we continue!

1. Lee-Anne

Lee-Anne is one of my best friends. We have been close for over 5 years, and have never even had a fight. At all. Not even a little one! She is a 25 year old graphic designer who loves Disney and is a Peter Pan fanatic. She really believes in the whole Disney "Never grow up" way of life. Before this trip, she had not been to Disney World since she was 8 years old, so this was LONG overdue. She was with me in Disney from Oct 21st-26th.

2. Hula Timon

Timon distracts hyenas by dressing in drag and doing the hula. We unfortunately got separated on our last Disney trip (read my 2011 TR for that harrowing tale) but were reunited and finally got to Live It Up together in Disney. He dressed in drag. He did the hula. And it was beautiful.

3. Taylor, Zac, and Isaac Hanson

Most TRs don't include guest appearances by musical trios from Oklahoma, but this will not be like most TRs. Strap in folks! Hanson is my favorite (current, all-original-members-still-alive) band of all time. You may think you know what I mean when I say "favorite band", but you probably don't. The best way I can explain it is like, you know how some people love going to Disney World, but then there are people like us Dissers, who really GET Disney, and deeply love it, and see it as a sacred flawless sanctuary?! That's me and Lee-Anne with Hanson. I've been touring around the country seeing Hanson since I was 13, and have been to approximately 50 (I lost count...somewhere...) shows in various states, and of course Disney World. Yep, it's not my first time mixing my two greatest loves, Hanson and Disney, and I very much hope it won't be the last (It probably won't be: they LOVE Disney. Duh. Like I would have a favorite band who didn't!) I am never happier than when I am in the front row at a Hanson show... except while at Disney. So it's QUITE AN EMOTIONAL AND CRAZY COMBO FOR ME. My brain almost shuts off, it's just too much. Too much in a GOOD way. Hanson performed in Epcot on October 22nd (Zac's birthday! WOO!) and 23rd, but we also saw them on the 21st... cause we ALWAYS run into them. It's just a thing.

4. Gina

Gina is one of my best (and oldest) friends. A fellow Disney lover, of course. We have been best friends for 13 years, ever since we were seated next to each other in 4th grade. Gina now lives in Florida, about 2.5 hours from Walt Disney World. At a certain point, my tickets got to the 10 day limit, and my bank account was screaming from the added cost of being #StuckinDisney. In a hero like fashion, she came to pick me up and I spent Nov 1st-5th at her house near Sarasota. It was perfect because getting to visit her really helped soften the leaving Disney blow, and we had a great time together!

Now that I've introduced our cast who I'm sure will become stuff of Disney Trip legend, I think it's time to wrap up the opening post of what I'm sure will become the Longest Trip Report Ever.

I have to say that this trip was pretty life changing. I won't get into why yet. I can't give it all away in Post #1. But I will say it was one of the best trips I've ever had, and I feel like a different person because of it. I'm not even THAT sad that the trip is over because I feel so fulfilled by the experience that I feel ready to move on with the next chapter of my life. This feeling is priceless, and I am just so grateful that all the chips happened to fall in the positions that they did.

SO, are you all ready for the get-in, grab-in, let-er-rip ride that is this trip report?!


Day 1: October 21, 2012
Day 1, Part 1 In Which Time Stops, We Carve A Pumpkin, And I Forget Kevin
Day 1, Part 2 In Which I Model To Kill Time, Lee-Anne Arrives, and WE GO TO DISNEY!
Day 1, Part 3 In Which We Wish We Could Be Part of Your World
Day 1, Part 4 In Which We Spend A Night In 50's Hollywood
Day 1, Part 5 In Which No Joking! I Need A Job!
Day 1, Part 6 In Which There Is A Lack of Palooza Action
Day 1, Part 7 In Which There's No Place Like Home
Day 1, Part 8 In Which I Critique Amateur Models At The Hollywood Tower Hotel
Day 1, Part 9 In Which Minnie's Still A Mystery To Me
Day 1, Part 10 In Which Hanson Should Really Back Off
Day 1, Part 11 In Which The Royal Party Dines At 'Ohana
Day 1, Part 12 In Which Sand Gets Lodged Places and It Feels So Good

Day 2: October 22, 2012
Day 2, Part 1 In Which Mary Poppins and the White Rabbit Hang Out
Day 2, Part 2 In Which We're So Close Yet So Far
Day 2, Part 3 In Which M'assalama!
Day 2, Part 4 In Which We're Under The Big Top
Day 2, Part 5 In Which Goofy Really Should Have Won That Oscar
Day 2, Part 6 In Which There Are Pirouetting Poodles
Day 2, Part 7 In Which We're On Our Way To The FOOD!!!!!!!

Day 2, Part 9 In Which We're Almost Trampled By A Parade of Italian Musicians
Day 2, Part 10 In Which I Spend My Last Moments With A Dear Friend
Day 2, Part 11 In Which You Gotta Find Your Magic
Day 2, Part 12 In Which All I Care About Is You and Me and Us and Now

Day 3: October 23, 2012
Day 3, Part 1 In Which That Silly Carnataurus Doesn't Scare Me!
Day 3, Part 2 In Which Adventure Is Out There
Day 3, Part 3 In Which Timon Sees The Cousins
Day 3, Part 4 In Which Now THAT'S A Lion!
Day 3, Part 5 In Which I'm Engulfed In An African Dance Party
Day 3, Part 6 In Which You Can Cut The Gorilla Tension With a Knife
Day 3, Part 7 In Which We Witness A Tiger Pool Party

Day 3, Part 8 In Which I Cross Another Experience Off The Ol' Bucket List
Day 3, Part 9 In Which I Lose It... Several Times

Day 4: October 24, 2012
Day 4, Part 1 In Which The Show Must Go On
Day 4, Part 2 In Which I Fall Into A Landscape of Flavors
Day 4, Part 3 In Which Lee-Anne Is Back In Business, SHAMONE!!!!
Day 4, Part 4 In Which I Am Not Your Mother, BREAK THOSE PLATES!
Day 4, Part 5 In Which The Deer and the Antelope Play
Day 4, Part 6 In Which I Am Literally A Ghost
Day 4, Part 7 In Which Vogue Magazine Never Looked This Good

Day 5: October 25, 2012
Day 5, Part 1 In Which I Am A TRUE ARTIST
Day 5, Part 2 In Which It's NOT Just Pending
Day 5, Part 3 In Which Nothing Is Ugly and Everything Is Good
Day 5, Part 4 In Which My Costume Is So Perfect That I'm Just Going To Blatantly Brag About How Amazing It Is

Day 5, Part 6 In Which My Prince Never Comes
Day 5, Part 7 In Which Everybody SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 5, Part 8 In Which It's Really Not So Scary!
Day 5, Part 9 In Which There Is A Flailing Chicken and Other Things I Don't Understand

Day 6: October 26, 2012
Day 6, Part 1 In Which I See Ye Olde Sanderson House!
Day 6, Part 2 In Which The Queen of the Polynesian Checks Into All Star Movies
Day 6, Part 3 In Which I Explore Andy's Room... and Beyond
Day 6, Part 4 In Which I Bathe and Stuff
Day 6, Part 6 In Which I Scream and Jump Around A LOT
Day 6, Part 7 In Which I Enter New Fantasyland For The First Time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 6, Part 8 In Which I Enjoy My Legs
Day 6, Part 9 In Which I'm Enchanted
Day 6, Part 10 In Which I Get One Last Surprise

Day 7: October 27, 2012
Day 7, Part 1 In Which There Probably Should Have Been Sleeping In Disney
Day 7, Part 2 In Which I Do Not Drink South African Vodka
Day 7, Part 3 In Which WHERE ARE YOU PAUL?!?!?!?!? :(
Day 7, Part 4, In Which My Taste Buds Begin An Adventure
Day 7, Part 5 In Which "You Did It Judy! She's Finally Full!"
Day 7, Part 6, In Which Here's An Extravagantly Generous Gift To My Readers, Featuring Me.

Day 8: October 28, 2012
Day 8, Part 1 In Which I'M STUCK IN DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 8, Part 2 In Which I Look Like A Princess

Day 8, Part 3 In Which I Watch the Bird... Again
Day 8, Part 4 In Which I Eat a Lot of Food and Make a Lot of Friends

Day 9: October 29, 2012
Day 9, Part 1 In Which I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today!
Day 9, Part 2 In Which I Take Jack Sparrow
HomeDay 9, Part 3 In Which I Take A Selfie With A Goat
Day 9, Part 4 In Which I Face My Fears... Kinda
Day 9, Part 5 In Which I Have the Best View of Illuminations Ever
Day 9, Part 6 In Which I Leave the Frozen Kingdom Early

Day 10: October 30, 2012
Day 10, Part 1 In Which Who Knows When I'll Even Get Home
Day 10, Part 2 In Which For A Brief Moment In Time, Everything Really Is Okay
Day 10, Part 3 In Which Another Not So Scary Night Begins!
Day 10, Part 4 In Which I Fly, Chase the Wind, and Touch the Sky
Day 10, Part 5 In Which We're On This Earth To Have Some Fun
Day 10, Part 6 In Which Tarzan Has No Idea What's Going On and Is Still Very Naked
Day 10, Part 7 In Which I Meet The Best Princess Ever

Day 11: October 31, 2012
Day 11, Part 1 In Which This Is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN!!!!
Day 11, Part 3 In Which I Find The Dream
Day 11, Part 4 In Which Mickey Praises Jesus and I Ride Splash
Day 11, Part 5 In Which I Bid Farewell To the Best Halloween Party Ever
Day 11, Part 6 In Which The Past Flickers By, If Just For A Moment

Day 12: November 1, 2012
Day 12, Part 1 In Which You Gotta Leave Sometime

Days 12-16: #StuckAtGina's12!
November 1-November 3, 2012
November 4, 2012 Part One
November 4, 2012 Part Two
November 4, 2012 Part Three & November 5, 2012

My Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Video Diary!
Lia & Lee-Anne's First Day In Disney: The Movie!

PTR of our #BirthdayFestivus13 Trip
Birthday Festivus PTR Update #2!!!!
Birthday Update 4/11
Real Life/PTR Update 4/15
More Pre-Trip Craziness!!!!!!! 4/27

* * * * *


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Sep 14, 2010
I'm here! So excited to read about this since I actually had to ride out the hurricane while you tweeted how you were still in Disney. So jealous! Best place to be during a hurricane I guess ;) Totes ready to live it up right now, I seriously am in need of a TR like this :mickeyjum


WDW PreTrip and Trip Moderator
Apr 23, 2000
Wow, good intro.

I wondered how anyone could afford to stay at Disne that long. Ya for your friend.


May 16, 2012
I followed your twitter feed religiously while you were away and I am so excited for this TR!
  • Stringbean&Wingnut

    DIS Veteran
    Dec 27, 2010
    I'm here!!! Wow, 15 days, that's awesome!!! We probably saw each other at some point, we were there for a few of your days too! :goodvibes


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2009
    I'm here!! So excited for this TR, loved reading along on twitter and now I can't wait for every little detail!! :cool1:
  • flounderfan12

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    Mar 27, 2010
    wooo!!! im so excited for this report i talked with you on twitter almost daily but i cant wait to hear all of the details and im happy you finally made it home safely and your family is safe i have a feeling my childrens children will be reading this report cause it will still be going on lol cant wait!!!!:yay:


    DIS Veteran
    Sep 3, 2011
    OH HEY. I'm here. I almost didn't find this puppy.

    I can honestly say that I see this trip report going on well into 2015.

    CAN'T WAIT! :woohoo:


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    Sep 21, 2011
    I'm here!! :) And random, but are you on twitter at all?! I think I may have found you through a few other people from the DIS on there! My name is snoogibear so if you feel like following me, then hooray!

    Anyway, can't wait to hear about your majorly epic trip!


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 14, 2010
    Ah! I'm in! Ive always liked your TRs but fallen so far behind I just cant catch up, definitely won't be doing that this time!!


    Totes Mcgoats
    Jun 15, 2011
    ARGGGHHH HERERREEEE!!! Tried to be earlier...but failed.
    Silly work.

    I'm super excited for this!


    When you said this...
    Hanson is my favorite (current, all-original-members-still-alive) band of all time
    I almost peed my pants because I am a massive Hanson fan and have been for 15 years and this year for my work I randomly got to interview Taylor!!!
    It was amazing! It was a phone interview but it was a good 25 mins of us having a good old chat and then we got media passes to meet them again and see the show when they toured here last month and it was so amazing and lovely and perfect (except it's annoying when it's for work and you have to be all professional and businessy and take notes- rather than scream and fangirl all over the place)
    I should send you the interview- it's pretty funny. I ran out of questions at the end, so I asked him what his ringtone was and he sang it for me..best interview ever!:rotfl:

    ok...whoops that was a lot of rambling about Hanson.
    Sorry about that. On with the show!