I'm so sad right now!!


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Jan 1, 2004
Benji is away for a week at Cancer camp. We all miss him so much. He comes back saturday. Last night, a GKTW commercial came on TV and for a split second I was ready to call Benji in to see it, then remembered he's not here. I hate him being gone because it reminds me of how it would be if he was really gone.

I called the camp to see how he's doing. They haven't called back yet. I'm figuring it's a good sign, maybe they're having so much fun that they haven't checked their messages. Or it could be a really really bad sign. They're not returning my messages because they don't know how to tell me that Benji got strung up the flagpole in his gutchies and he's stuck there indefinitely. I can't wait till my little butter comes back!!

Dan Murphy

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Apr 20, 2000
Awwww, AG. :hug: Always tough when the little ones are away like that. He'll be home soon. I hear you though. :hug:


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Sep 2, 1999
:hug: I'm sorry you are all alone while Benji is at camp... But I just bet he is having a GREAT time... If anything was wrong they would definitely call you, now try to relax til Benji comes home :hug:


DIS Veteran
Mar 12, 2003
:grouphug: Just imagine how much fun he is having. :cool1: Then hug him like crazy when he gets back.


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