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    Feb 5, 2001
    Wow! Another hot and humid day! What did we decide to do? Yup, go to the hottest park - the Animal Kingdom! First stop was the Safari ride. We had a terrific driver this time who liked joking with the crowd. We seemed to time everything great today as we were able to go from show to show. We made it to the Lion King show just as it was beginning. Perfect timing! After wiping my eyes yet again over this show, we made it to the Pocahontas show. We had never seen this one. It was cute for little ones and we were impressed with how they made Grandmother Willow seem so real. Glad we saw it, but likely not again. We walked right into ITTBAB again. We sat right in between 4 families with frightened, crying little kids. I felt bad for these little kids so I really didn't get to enjoy the show this time. I can see why this would be scary for little ones. I recommend that parents try the show without the kids first to see if they think their little ones could handle it.

    Our timing continued to be great as we walked right into the Tarzan show. We got a great seat right up front on the left side. I found myself watching two people doing sign language for the show just as much as the entertainers themselves. Wow. Did these two individuals (sign language people) do a TERRIFIC job basically acting out the show themselves. It was an incredibly humid day too so it was no small feat for them to do. After the show, we decided to do Primeval Whirl again. We sat with a young mother and little girl. The mother thought the daughter would be screaming throughout the ride, but instead, the mother and I did the screaming! ........or so dh says! ;) We walked on Dinosaur next and liked it as always. The picture at the end makes me laugh. I like EXACTLY the same in each picture we've seen there. My mouth is wide open and I'm grabbing dh like mad!

    Our stomachs were telling us that it was lunchtime so we ate at Flame Tree. We split a pork sandwich combo and ate down by the water. It was peaceful down there but boy oh boy, it was HOT! We decided to head over to Asia to try the water ride again. To our horror, it was closed! It was the hottest day of the trip and we couldn't get wet! The parade wasn't starting for an hour and we had already seen what we wanted in AK that day. We decided to go rest at the Annual Pass lounge. It turned out to be a wise choice. We got PS for the parade and I read some of their magazines and dh played some free video games. It was nice to have some quiet down time. Of course, we were guzzling cold water all the while! We got terrific seats for the parade just as it started to downpour. Normally I'd try to get out of the rain, but not today. I welcomed it! It was only a couple minute rain so the parade still went on and we were cooler now. What a cute parade. I liked all the camping gear on the floats.

    We had originally planned on doing one of the night shows in the other parks again tonight, but the heat did us in today. We decided to just swim and wander around our resort that night. Still a fun day was had!
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    I really enjoy the AK's Jammin Parade - think it is my favorite with all of the 'new' parades now - thanks for posting!

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