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Aug 11, 2001
I just got back from my first BIG trip to DW! DB and I went over Christmas and new years and I came back a pin collector and amd HOOKED! It all started with DB saying "go ahead, get a pin for the 100 yr celebration. Well that got the ball rolling and now after 11 days I return home with hte pin trader back pack filled nicely! BEing new to trading though there were so many things I wish I new while I was there! I just happened to get the New YEars day pin by accident! Lucky me! I had no idea why the lady ahead of me had her 3 daughters with her in line to get so many pins and now I know! Anyway I am so glad this board is here, I look forward to learning lots and having fun!
welcome it only gets worse from here on in. A few other sites to check out if you are just getting educated are. for what is coming out at all the parks and the Disney Stores. And is a database of about 8500 pins with info about them such as edition size, location it was availabe at, descriptions and pictures of the pins. including older pins.

have fun

you've come to a great place for pin trading and learning!!!
Glad you had a great trip!!!!!


LOL you guys are great here! The more I learn the more I kick myself for some pin decisions I made while in DW. I WANT TO GO BACK! LOL It was a learning experience.... oh if I had only picked up 2 or 3 of that pin or... I knew I should have gotten THAT one! lol
Welcome to our addiction. We like it. It's harmless enough. (If you don't count the money..... never add up your pin receipts.... it will only make you sad)

Chris :jester:
First it starts out innocent enough, you start buying a pin here and there, then you start skipping things like the house payments, cause you can buy more pins that's why.

Then the voices start to tell you to bid on that Mickey for President pin on Ebay its only $250.00 oooooooo your very own Mickey for president that you can frame, and hide on the wall of your kid's room.

Of course the kids will have to move to the basement, because well you cant keep your pins down there in musty basement now can you… they will understand you say to yourself.

Then you sell the second car for pin money the hubby will understand its all for the sake of the pins.

Second and third mortgage later you find out your next-door neighbor just trade a pooh rack pin, for a haunted mansion dangler, and you secretly plot revenge.

All this is perfectly normal, don't worry your in good hands.

Welcome to the most fun group you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

By the way did you make it to the Contemporary pin meet on Friday's at 7:00pm huh huh, cause if you didn't you missed the best pin trading experience ever. (another Shameless plug)


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