I'm getting Married on MKs 39th Brithday 10/1/2010

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    Sep 20, 2007
    A little info on me:

    My name is Ann. I'm 22 years old. I'm a huge Disney Nut. I've been about 27 times and I'm becoming a Disney travel agent. I'm a very simple tom-boy, who for the past two weeks or so has been so much of a girly-girl.

    My DF:

    His name is David. (Not Dave) He's 23 (almost 24) years old. He's a Disney World fan, but not as much as I am. He's a graduate from Georgia State with a degree Computer Science. He's been searching the job market for months now.

    How we met:
    We went to the same middle school. I was in the 7th grade he was in the 8th. I had (long story, that will come in to play later) 3 little brothers, and didn't want to go home right after school. So, I joined the Ham Radio Club. This is where David and I met. He was the club president. (If a club with 4 members needed one) We became friends. We remained friends threw high school.

    We had our first date the day before my high school graduation. It was just a simple get together at our local nature center. We then spent most of the summer meeting up for coffee and movies. (When first talked about dating I hadn't planned on anything serious, I was getting ready to go to college) We declared ourselves dating on July 11, 2004. It was serious. I knew that he was the one. He was my best friend.

    After going to college out of state for a semester, I decided to look at local schools. After not getting into my choice school, I decided I'd move back home and work at my local scrapbook store. David and I were still dating and two years later, my LSS was closing and I was out of a job. I tried working at The Disney Store, but they didn't understand my schedule and would always schedule me on days I couldn't work. So I quit that.

    This fall, when I was at WDW with my dad. DF set his plans to propose into motion. He started talking to our friends about it, and try to get them to ask me what I wanted and such. A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, DF casually brought up getting engaged, and I said "I wasn't expecting it anytime soon". He seemed to be taken aback by my comment, and I was just meaning that I wasn't in a hurry or anything. Day after Thanksgiving, we were doing Black Friday shopping (mainly I was shopping and he was tagging along). DF dragged me into so many department stores looking at their jewelry sections and a few jewelry stores. We found a jewelry store going out of business, and we went in and looked at what they had. They had a ring I liked, it was maybe .3 caret and it was all in-layed diamonds and dark sapphires. Well DF didn't really like it so we kept looking. We found a ring that we both really liked. It was 3 stones (like DF had in mind) with 6 smaller in-layed (which is what I had in mind). I was ready to say lets talk about it, look some things up online and come back. He bought it there on the spot. I was in shock. It was a great price.

    He put the ring in his nightstand and I would pull it out and look at it when he wasn't around and I was having a bad day. I then began to dream up the perfect way of him asking. (and told him). Yet, that's not what happened. It was Dec 30. We planned a full day in the MK and walked by the rose garden maybe a 20-30 times (this was the location I wanted) He kept talking about the photopass guy on the Tomorrowland bridge. (the spot he had set him self on) Well it was almost 5pm. The sun was setting and I didn't want the castle lights. As we're walking towards the rose garden, we notice she's playing with the pda, I think great, we'll come back in a few minutes and she'll be back and we'll do it then. He walks over to the Tomorrowland bridge and decides to do it there. I wanted to cry, not of happiness, but because I hate that bridge. (I don't know why, but I hate to use it) He did it, and I said yes. We then spent the next 10-15 minutes arguing about how it wasn't what I wanted, and how he came to think that was a good place (it's rare, so not everyone has their photo there, was his reasoning). I let it go. We were going to watch Wishes, we still had dinner ADR at LTT, and then Extra Magic Hours, were I was determined to get a shot that I wanted. Mickey and Minnie holding our hands. We finally got the shot at almost 2am. I was spent. I needed to get to bed, for Studios the next morning. The rest of the week went well. I made him stage the photos at the rose garden on our last day when i was about 85 and he was wearing a long sleeve dress shirt, but he kept looking at the camera and not me, so that photos didn't come out really at all.

    Oh, my didn't realize I ranted so long. I'll put my tentative plans on a different post. If you're still reading.
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    Sep 20, 2007
    Wedding Plans

    Date: October 1, 2010
    Time: 10:00am
    Location: Yacht Club Gazebo (1st choice)
    Reception: Beach Club for Brunch (Mickey Waffles for sure)
    Dessert Party: May not happen. We had talked about Fantasmic, but I just looked at the cost, and I'm not spending $1500 for it, and neither DF or I like Illuminations.

    We'll be staying at Beach Club, our families and friends most likely will be staying at Pop or the All Stars.
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    Sep 20, 2007
    My dad decided today that I can book Randy for my photographer. He hasn't looked at any of Randy's photos or even really looked at the price. I talked to him about a few weeks ago. I was looking at his work and loved it. I told my dad about the price (the 7 hour package, thinking I would do a full reception) my dad was still okay, but he wanted me to look around and make sure that's who I wanted and check on cancellation policies and such. I've done all that and this morning I bought up, setting up the account so either I can send checks or use a debit card from the account (the account that holds all my wedding money). He said he'll look into it and I can fill out the contract and send in the deposit later this week. Now we're just doing the intimate package, and decided to get the preview album and everything. David and I are even talking about going to Disney for October 1 this year, and I'm thinking about seeing if Randy can do our engagement shoot that day, 1 year before our wedding date.

    Also, I've decided on colors for the wedding.
    I knew I wanted Yellow involved, it's my favorite color. David didn't really care, but I know he liked blue. We were talking to my friend and her bf. They had planned on using UN Blue and something else. She suggested using UN Blue (FH is a Model United Nations dork). I didn't want to "steal" her colors and her bf immediately was like it's okay we can reuse it. It'll be good for the environment. Which, causes us to all laugh as well it's a color not a water bottle. I started looking at UN Blue and loved it.

    By now settling on colors, I have to go buy new paper to use for my save the dates. I had classic Disney black, red, and yellow, but I'm now switching out the red for blue and taking out the black. The back of the cards is white for the text. Hopefully I do that this week and can get them in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

    Yes, dresses. While I plan on wearing a formal wedding dress. We have 5 hours between the wedding and our "reception" dinner. We talked about taking our guests (who want to) on a tour of Epcot or Studios. So I'll need something I can wear into the parks. I'll also need something to wear for the rehearsal dinner. I'm not someone who wears dresses a lot. I'm more a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. I'm pretty much at this point thinking I'll need a new wardrobe. My dad is also okay with this, and thinks I should get my 2 wedding dresses custom made. I found 1 dress I want for my casual dress, sadly I can't find any pictures online. It's a Vera Wang dress that I saw in the Feb/Mar issue of Brides. I've got 10 ideas for my formal wedding dress so I'm going to go in a few months and try on a few and see what I like.

    After looking at how much it costs to have someone video the wedding. I decided I'd rather buy a nice video camera and have a trusted friend sit there with a tripod and capture the ceremony.

    We haven't found one yet. They're actually a bit more expensive then I thought. We were thinking about Rev. Jack, but FH is worried about having someone religious. (as he isn't) I want someone that is, so we're having a slight tug of war over this and if there will be a prayer at the ceremony and what not. Then it gets into does he wear a suit or a robe. I want the robe, FH wants the suit. I think we'll come to a compromise or he'll give in and tell me whatever I want to hear.

    Bachlor/Bachlorette Parties:
    We're going to hold something we're calling "Separation Day". The boys will drink around the world most likely. While the girls attempt to see 4 parks in 1 day and see as many characters as possible. I'm planning on getting David 3 tickets to the Behind the Steam Train tour. So he, his dad, and brother can go enjoy that. I know David and his dad both enjoy trains and railroads, but no idea if his brother does. So his day will start early with that and moving to his new room at the Beach Club. We'll all meet up at Chef Mickey's for an early dinner then over to the Magic Kingdom to see Mickey and Minne and then Wishes. (if this is a MNSSHP night, we'll work around that)

    Farewell Get-Together:
    We're planning on Crystal Palace for a late Breakfast. It's David's favorite breakfast in the world. We expect everyone to leave this day. (even my dad, who says he's not) It's a Sunday brunch.

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