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Dec 16, 1999
So.... who'll be next to go?

I reckon Wayne myself - infact I was surprised he didn't go yesterday (not that I'm an Anthony Worrell-Thompson fan :rolleyes: ) - then maybe Fash next.

I'm hoping it'll end up being between Tuffers and Linda, with Tuffers winning outright. What do you all think?
I think Wayne will be next too! He has been all miserable since Daniella left! I too think Phil will win it, he is so funny without realising it ;)
I want Fash to go tonight because he does my head in but I think it will be Wayne. Phil or Linda to win.:D
So does anybody else feel like giving Wayne a good slap ? Especially when he got Fash to carry him to the toilet. So the foot was that bad he couldn't walk. Obviously he uses different muscles when he dances. Talk about a drama queen !

I'd like to see Linda win, but Phil deserves it.

I reckon Tuffers will win, although Fash has been incredible brave doing all those horrific BTT (Bushtuckertrials).
I certainly couldn't have done some of them!!!!
Especially last night's BTT where he had to put his head in that container with all those eels. I think i would've hyper-ventilated, or suffocated or something!!!
Well, I'm glad Wayne went. I still can't believe Fash gave him piggy backs up to the toilet :o

I've warmed a bit to Fash since the beginning. He seemed a bit odd to me to be honest, but he looks to be a really nice guy (maybe a bit too nice and twee for my tastes, LOL) though a little old fashioned for his age I think. Respect to him for doing those trial though - the hardest thing to do is to have to face your own fears and he's done that a couple of times now.

I think I could have done last nights trial if I'd had to (unlike some of the others) - though the bit I wouldn't have liked didn't involve the Eels part, I think it would have been the claustraphobia aspect. I definately wouldn't have enjoyed having my head in a tank of water like that - emergency release available or not!
Respect to Fash for all the Bush Tucker Trials he has done and for facing his fears but the man does my head in. IMHO he lives in "Fashland".

Did you hear him last week when the celebs were saying why you should vote for them and he was giving it, "Hello to all my fans and all my viewers" he is soooo full of himself. Antony said last night that he had wanted to bash Fash, I would have paid to see that.

Hope Linda wins. :)

Congrats to 'Tuffers':bounce: :Pinkbounc

And Fash - a very worthy runner up!:bounce:
Yay to Tuffers! He is, I believe, what you might refer to as being a 'character' :)

Urgh...I flat out could not have eaten the Bush Tucker though, just looking at those big fat grubs wriggling around would have had me running a mile :p

I thought both Linda and Fash were worthy runner-ups though. Incredible to think that after 1 1/2 million phone calls received when Linda was voted off, there was only a difference of 250. It was certainly a close run contest in the end!
Has anyone else started watching the USA version on ITV 2? I saw it last night and found it very funny. I get the impression that it was the first time it had been on in America as the celebrities didn't seem to have a clue what was going on especially with the Bush Tucker Trials. Shame Ant & Dec aren't on it though.

Yes, I saw a bit this evening - it's quite funny, as most of the girls look rather precious and scream a lot. Not like our Linda!

It looks like the camp is in exactly the same place - the jungle cleaners can only have had a few hours to tidy the place up after our lot left!
It looks like the camp is in exactly the same place - the jungle cleaners can only have had a few hours to tidy the place up after our lot left!
I'm a bit confused here! i have seen loads of stories about who the winner of this is!! Are you sure its "live" ???
It's definately not live - I watched a little of this one yesterday and as well as the time shown up on the screen, it said Thursday.

My guess is they just thought to show it after the UK one because of the momentum - if they had shown it before, no-one would have been interested.

It's not the first US IACGMOOH (unless this is a repeat of a really old one) because I remember vaguely the US CB talking about it a good few months ago now.

The women do seem a bit precious though - it was funny seeing the food basket lowered into the camp and I heard one of them say "Oh, I thought they'd be giving us our dinner already cooked" - it was also rather odd seeing some guy (name escapes me for the mo) tucking all the girls into bed for the night, LOL. They don't seem to have much of a clue what it's all about, boy it should get interesting...
It's probably me who was confused - happens all the time! I just assumed it was being done after ours as the program I saw last night (after ours finished the night before) showed them finding their camp and settling in. But it is definitely the same place - isn't it?
I found a web site for this series and discovered it was filmed in March. It also lists the Bush Tucker Trials and the eventual winner.

Yes i know who won too! i won't say though cos it'll spoil it for those who are watchin the show. But if you do wannna know know, then say, and i'll Pm you!

So are they really using the same 'Jungle set' that we had, it may be that we "borrowed"it of them, in actual fact!


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