iLL with Rider swap


Earning My Ears
Sep 30, 2022
Hello all,

I have a quick question. Does rider-swap work the same way if we purchase a iLL for a ride like 7DMT or Tron? We have infant, and in past one person stays behind while the main group rides, then the person waiting + 3 others can re-ride with them.

I'm hoping this is same with iLL rides.

I think you have to go to CM at entrance,and tell them who rider swap is for,and who is going to re-ride with the person who stays off the first time,and it's only one person who gets to do that. you do this before you enter the line.
Everyone using the ILL$ must have purchased the ILL$, then you go to the CM with the iPad and tell them you’re doing rider swap. The person waiting then can bring ONE person with them on their ride.
At WDW the rule is one person can go with the person who was waiting with the infant. At DLR, the rule is up to two people can go with the person who was waiting. This works out much better for our family since we have two kids that can ride most of the rides, and a toddler that can’t. Sometimes at WDW they’ve seen we have three kids and let them both go again the second time, but it’s not something we expect there.


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