If you were not a soccer (association football) fan before, are you now based on the USWNT or USMNT?


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Dec 20, 2018
I’m still waiting to hear about their questionable actions. I watched almost every game of this tournament because I support women’s international play. I saw nothing shameful. I saw passionate, strong athletes giving everything they had.

What’s shameful and unacceptable is not supporting strong women.
These women had the nerve to celebrate their own achievements.


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Apr 8, 2011
Im glad the women won, but no ( and we must teach our young to hate this sport also)
  • EveDallas

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Have you become a fan of the sport due to the Fifa Women's World Cup or the Concacaf Gold Cup this summer.? If so, do you plan to watch more regularly (like MLS or EPL) or just the occasional game when the USMNT or USWNT play? Thanks for any responses and go USA in both finals today.⚽🇺🇸
    No. Good for them for what they have accomplished, but give me baseball anyday.


    Aug 29, 2012
    I was a fan going in, but have to say I'm less of a fan now. Their accomplishments on the field were amazing. They are clearly a group of dedicated, talented, and hard working women who have become the best in the world doing what they do. I do think though, that when you put on a jersey that says USA, you have a responsibility to represent the country well off the field as well. I get that they have issues with pay and there seems to be an LGBT concern mixed in there as well. Those issues can be debated in another thread. I think they went too far. I'm not sure critizing your country over and over while also representing that same country isn'tproblematic. There is a way to get your point across, and the fact that this thread exists makes me think that with some of the population, they may have lost some ground.

    I will throw my two cents in on pay - I get the equal pay thing, but as I understand, each player will ultimately make over $200,000 for the World Cup win and surrounding games, which doesn't include endorsements. We have teachers, nurses, cops, firefighters, and soldiers who won't ever make that kind of money. I think that's a pay disparity that demands attention.
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    May 18, 2005
    If the USWNT doesn’t sanction the purple haired moron and friend for stepping on the flag of the county they represent I’ve watched my last name.
    It didn't look like they stepped on it to me. They certainly didn't throw it on the ground and trample and stomp on it as some people claimed. Looked like one of them put it down and they did their little back and forth dance and Rapinoe's foot brushed it a bit is all. I would conclude it was either absentmindedly or out of ignorance rather than some deliberate effort to desecrate the flag.

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    Nov 12, 2008
    so many times I see Athletes... at the Olympics... World Cup... wherever, they just did something amazing... that most regular people will never do... requiring years of sacrifice and training... they (against all odds sometimes) succeed and win and suddenly everyone is screaming, jumping up and down, it is amazing and celebrating.... all these people around them asking them for pictures, to come here , do this, do that.... and some (well meaning) someone always thrusts a flag into the mix... so they can show off their country pride...and inevitably in all the excitement it slips... and some TV viewer is anxiously waiting for this athlete.... who just ran around a field for two hours ... to make a simple slip in all the excitement... and let that flag drop for a tiny second... so then we can all get on our soap box and point fingers at them for being horrible Americans.