If it's Thursday,It must be "Chaise Lounge Lambada "Day..

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    Aug 25, 2000
    Having been stressed to the limit the last two days at sea, scrounging for a place to sit, I was feeling the pressure of joining the "run for the lounge chairs" at poolside. I was fighting my addition to the dance of the chaises, but DH said that there was no way we could rise above the current poolside behavior and still get a place to sit. So, I gave in and gave DH the go-ahead to place all our wordly possessions on two chaises before he started his jog on Deck 4. It was about 7am. I was planning on sitting on one of those by 9am,as I didn't want anyone to think that I was one of those people who save seats they never use.After a quick breakfast at Topsiders,which, honestly, I was never disappointed with,I made a beeline to the pool. The area was relatively deserted because the skies were overcast. Makes sense-I would finally get a place to stretch out my legs, only because the sun isn't out. Figures.I hear a woman tell her husband that there's a storm, with our name on it, waiting for us in approx. 10 minutes. I let myself have one more minute of feeling success at the aquisition of a chair and then I head to the cabin and turn on the channel with weather info. It's a big one and heading right for us.The next day was Castaway Cay and beautiful weather was predicted,so it was apparent that the captain decided to put his head down and run up the middle.The rolling started immediately.Then the rolling started in earnest and everyone's singing the Gilligans Island song. Peoples faces were turning lovely colors, some found in a rainbow, some colors not found in nature at all.Initially, I was one of the ones having a ball with this. I was never bothered by motion and this was the first rough seas I encountered after 3 cruises. Not bad averages.BUT, I had never felt this MUCH motion over this long a period of time.It's different when it goes on for hours and hours. More on this in part 2.There was a question and answer session with the captain that DH attended, DS was having a ball in the lab and I spent time shopping,browsing and schmoozing with cast members. It was pouring outside.I saw it, not as a day without sun, but a day to do things about the ship. There was a captain signing at noon and DH was determined to get in on that. Here was someone who was, at first, coming along for the ride because this is what I wanted to do. NOW, I found him standing on line, buying not only the ship model for the captain to sign, but a poster also!!!! Another convert to Disneys side!!! He was eyeing this framed oval print of the ship that was surrounded by pins, a couple of those pins were no longer available. He thought it was very nice,something different. The price stopped him cold, though-$125. I went back to Treasure Ketch later on, and bought it for him to give to him on Fathers Day-it's the least I can do for someone who now seems into all this Disney stuff even more than me!DH told the cast member that he was buying the poster just to have it signed and she whispered to him to be on line by 11:30,because it gets real long and the captain only has a certain amount of time he can spend signing. DH was a good boy and lined up when he was told to. He was about the 10th person in line. By the time I got my camera and came back, only about 5 minutes, the line was HUGE. I got great pictures of DH and the captain. I think this was one of the highlights of DH's trip. He was BEAMING afterwards,showing anyone he could stop,his signed ship. It was so nice to see him so thrilled with his little model ship. For a few moments,Disney Magic swept over him and he was a kid again. That's what's so special about this ship. Moments like that.
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    Hi Nannylori,
    Great to be reading the rest of your reports! Hope your health is getting better. It was great to relive the storm. My DD and I stood at the front of the ship on Deck 10 to see how long we could take it. The rain was coming in sideways at us and it hurt so we ran for cover. DH got some great video of the storm coming upon us and the kids on the basketball court running for cover. Saw lots of green faces, too! I'm glad to hear that someone else gets teary-eyed at the same things I do. My kids tease me all the time because I cry everytime I see Mickey Mouse! Disney Dreams just about did me in, I kept having "moments" (as we call my little teary times) and was totally amazed that they didn't fall off the stage with the 20 foot waves going on outside. Keep writing I really enjoy your reports!
    Brenda aka bbyost :D

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