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    Apr 15, 2006
    We just finished our ICAP for our DS. I was so nervous as the new rules say you must have any requests in the ICAP at the annual or the 6 months. No exceptions.

    We were also asking for things on the waiver but more specialized like a behavior analysis from Dr. Higbee who worked with us to start our ABA program. We also asked for a sub assestment from Staci who also worked with us on ABA and is the school specialist on ABA.

    I asked for a GPS and tracker and gates for our fences that DS can't open.

    Of course there was the usual respite and homemaking. Which there are none in the area.

    All in all I think it went well! I will let you know when we see the final next month.

    Finally, give me a drink it is over!
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