I need some help starting a fundraiser for GKTW

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    Nov 24, 2010
    * I apologize if this is the wrong forum, I was not sure whether to put this thread here or not, went with my gut feeling.*

    So, I am going to keep this back story portion of the thread short to get to the main portion.

    I am an incoming Class of 2013 senior and enrolled in a program through the local BOCES (an Education center in my city). It allows me to take three classes at my High School, followed by taking classes at a college, along with an internship role and community service.

    For the community service role, I decided to work on a fundraiser for GKTW and raise money for them through the Power of 10 Fundraiser. The problem is, I need to start planning this summer so it can be approved at the start of September by my supervisor.

    And thus, I was hoping people here, with a bit more experience than myself in this aspect, would be willing to lend a helping hand.

    My one main idea that I have is using the six schools in my district to raise money and possibly incorporate a few prizes (paid for my me, out of my own money) into the process. But I'm not sure.
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    Hi Mike,

    You have come to the right place!! I guess what you need to decide is what event or thing you want to do to raise money...

    There are lots of options to raise funds whether it be a change drive, One school did a Disney day where students paid $1 and could were something Disney to school (Not sure that would work for high school but maybe a hat day or something else they may not get to wear)

    I remember in high school we raised money by doing something called Kiss a Fish. We got 5 teachers to agree they would "Kiss a Fish" (I don't remember if it was alive or not) if they raised the most money. There were jars out at lunch for each teacher and people put spare change in to "Vote" for who they wanted to Kiss the fish. Silly I know but we raised a few hundred dollars and even the teachers got in on it.

    You can also ask people the do the original idea of this fundraiser, find 10 friends to donate $10... not hard and then you can out everyone who does its name in a hat for prizes.

    For our New England fundraiser this year we are doing an entire weekend of fun with Silent Auction and Penny Auctions (You should come... it will give you some good ideas) We are doing a pancake breakfast and day at the big E.

    Our Event last year we rented out a movie theatre for a showing of Cars 2 and charged everyone $10. We got the theatre to donate the space and we opened our own concession stand. That part of the day raised over $2,000 of the $10,000 total we raised.

    Business are happy yo donate product so you should not have to buy prizes.. Just ask around. If you want the letter we used PM me your email and i am happy to send it.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or need help!!

    Good Luck!!
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    Jan 27, 2007
    Good for you!!!!

    I am hosting the Nova Scotia Meet/Fundraiser.

    I was very unsure of the response that I would get way up here and pondered on whether or not we could pull off a meet for a long time.
    I decided to go for it and contacted a local restaurant/pub, set a date and then kinda went "wow what next". What has worked so far for me is that I gave up 2 coffee that I used to buy and People magazine each week. That gave me roughly $10.00. The first week, I bought a princess bag, hair set, play dough and colouring set. I had a wand and crown that I bought and never used from Halloween - voila - a princess prize for a silent auction. Things fell into place and we have almost sold out of tickets (at $10.00 each) and I have some wonderful prizes for a silent auction and a penny auction. Our event is 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon. My husband is a musician/songwriter. He and a buddy are playing for an hour and he is writing a song about the event/GKTW. We have a recording studio in the basement, so they are going to pre-record all of the songs that they will be doing, including the original and we have bought some CD's that we will sell.

    Once you put your mind to it and review what resources that you might have, things will fall into place. I, like Tara have a team helping that are amazing, so you may want to recruit a few friends. Something like that on a resume is good for any student.
    Good Luck.

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