I miss them

La Stilla

Jan 20, 2021
I miss my Mom. She died on 31.05.2019 from lung cancer. Year after that, our peke Toby was poisoned by someone (we still don't know who...) in our own yard when I took him out to pee.
As time goes by....it's heavier for me,and sadder. It hurts to not be able to see the image of her clearly in my mind. I am 33yrs, and knowing it will be this way till the end, hurts so much. We lost her in a horrible way, don't want to talk about those times. I dream of her few times in a week. In the dreams she somehow found a way to be here with us.
This death thing got me thinking too much. I have a health problem myself for few years, and now them both...I miss childhood and how life felt back then. Now it's...hazy, in a way. It's not colorful as then, not so joyful, doesn't feel right as it used to. Probabl because of my hardships as well.
I just miss her,and haven't felt love like that again, and I won't never again.
Miss you Mom, now and always. I love you.
I love you Toby, hope you are both together.

Diana ZP

Earning My Ears
Jan 15, 2019
I lost my mom on Aug 29, 2019...she was 92 and had Alzheimer's. While it was a blessing for her it was a mixed one for myself and my brothers. She wasn't "Mom" they way she used to be but she was still Mom in many ways. I still see something and think, oh mom needs to know about this...and I still wake up thinking oh man am I going to be late getting down to take care of her. Your mom will always be with you in your heart, memories and thoughts. Cherish those and know she would want you to be happy. Take care!