I made my first trade off of a CM lanyard!!!


DIS Veteran
Aug 23, 1999
I guess that I'm hooked. I was in the Disney Store at the Orlando airport yesterday when I spied an American Express White Glove Treatment pin that I just HAD to have. All my pins were packed in my suitcases, so I traded her one (that I knew that I could replace) off of my camera bag. I was so excited. About 5 minutes later, I decided that I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to find the pin that I had just traded, so I went back in the store and found the pin rack. I bought a nice Little Mermaid pin and went back to the CM that I had traded with only minutes earlier. I told her that I wanted to trade the Little Mermaid pin for the pin that I had just traded. No problem. So I got my original pin back. Next time I'll be sure to always have some traders with me.

BTW - No hassle at all going through airport security with the pins on my camera bag.

When I've got a moment, I'll tell you about the trades that I made on the Disney Magic (when I have time to lookup the pinpics numbers).
I warned you to run the other way!!!!! Oh Well! Welcome to the addiction!:D

And another one bites the dust............ :D

Welcome to the madness.

So Towncrier............wanna trade???? :smooth:


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