I just got back! :( (Trip Review)

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by PolynessianBaby, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Mar 29, 2003
    Aloha Everyone,

    I just got back 3 weeks ago!:( But had a GREAT time! We got to take my cousin this year and we all had a blast! Here is my trip review:

    6-12~ First night we stayed at AKL just to check it out! Im sorry for the people that like it but i wasnt to impressed with it! I found it to Dark and an inconvinence because you had to walk through the building to get to everything!

    6-13~We checked in at the Polynessian hotel in the morning and showed my cousin around and then headed over to MK! We stayed at the MK until Lunch in which we ate at the little fast food place called Pecos Bills! It has really great food there I highly reccomend the chicken salad or the chicken wraps but i warn you dont order both they are HUGE!

    I went to the Italian restaurant for the 1st time this year and was not impressed at all i thought the food was not worth my "parents" money it was just not that good! But We tried Le Cellier(Canada) and it was WONDERFUL!!!!! Japan was once again excellent and so was Mexico and Chef Mickeys!!

    We stayed to the 21st but nothing was to exciting we didnt change to anymore hotels so there is no critics for any other hotels!

    Well if anyone has any Questions or comments Post and Pm me!


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    I agree...we stayed there for a week and I found it dark and hot in the room and really inconvient trying to get to the food court(but at least they have a food court :rolleyes: but the view is very cool!

    sounds like you had a good trip!

    and we were there the same time...hehe!

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