I hope you don't mind me asking...

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How much did you spend (or do you plan to spend) on your Walt Disney World wedding?

  1. Less than $5,000

  2. Between $5,000 and $10,000

  3. Between $10,000 and $20,000

  4. Between $20,000 and $30,000

  5. Between $30,000 and $40,000

  6. More than $40,000

  7. How dare you ask?!

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  1. Tracy Jean

    Tracy Jean He popped the question at V&A's

    Nov 27, 2001
    I would <u>love</u> to have a Fairy Tale Wedding at Walt Disney World. (Who wouldn't?!) Probably in the Wedding Pavillion with a reception at the GF, somewhere in Epcot, or on the Boardwalk. Maybe 50-75 guests, from all over the country (DBF and I are from Washington, DC, our families mostly in NY and FL). But before I get my hopes up, I am wondering, REALISTICALLY, if we could afford it. I have seen the sample budgets on Disney.com, but I am hoping for the real scoop from some of you.

    So, I hope you don't mind me asking... but <i>approximately</i> how much did you spend (or do you plan to spend) on your Disney Fairy Tale Wedding? Were the Disney services overpriced, or were they worth the extra money? If you had it to do over again, would you?

    Thanks for your input! :)
  2. wdwpluto

    wdwpluto <font color=blue>The TF looked all over but couldn

    Feb 16, 2000
    Well....we're still in the planning stages...but I'd have to guess that maybe we'll spend about $8000 with Dsiney (not inc hotel, park, airfare, attire, photography, etc). We're doing a small (25-30 guests) custom on a weekday. There are so many factors to consider. If you want to have your ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion that alone is $2000. Cinderella's coach is another $2000 or $2500.

    Your best bet is to check out www.yourfairytale.com
    Follow their link for the Disneymooners list and join the list. Many of the brides to be have posted their budgets and I think that'd give you a better idea!

    Hope this helps!

    Lori (& Kevin)
    Wedding Pavilion/Citricos
  3. Tracy Jean

    Tracy Jean He popped the question at V&A's

    Nov 27, 2001
    Thanks for the info, Lori!

    Actually, I tried to join the Disneymooners list a few days ago, but my membership is still "pending". I'm not sure what's taking so long!
  4. Lorana

    Lorana Mouseketeer

    Jan 30, 2001
    Hi Tracy!

    How much you spend on a WDW Wedding really depends on when you have it, how many guests, and what extras you include. You can do a wedding on a shoe-string budget, and you can also go wild.

    We originally planned our wedding for a weekday, but due to my mom deciding to attend a conference, we had to move the date, which put it on the weekend. That raised our minimums from $7500 to $10,000 right there. We did a morning wedding with our reception beginning at 12pm, so our food/beverage minimum was only $75pp instead of $100 (for receptions beginning after 2pm).

    I have my budget in an excel spreadsheet, if you would like to see it. Just email me, and I'll send it to you.

    All told, we spent around $18,000 on our wedding AND honeymoon, and this included everything - officiant, wedding pavilion/organist, flowers, dress, rings, reception decor, characters, cake, groom's cake, pre-reception, reception food, champagne toast for everyone, gifts for wedding party, tips, transportation, photography, videography, rehearsal dinner, illuminations party, airfare, 12 nights accommodations at Disney, 2 premium annual passes, 3-night cruise with romance package, limo transfers, marriage license fee, dress alterations, custom t-shirts & totebags for guests, guest bag goodies, and more. The wedding itself was around $12,500, and the honeymoon expenses were around $5500.

    We had a lot of extras, though: Rehearsal/Welcome dinner the night before, Illuminations Desserty Party the night of the wedding, 4 Character Appearances (Mushu, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto), transportation for everyone on the wedding day, groom's cake, Magic Kingdom Bridal Portrait Session, etc.

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