I have to be careful with how I word this, please don't flame: no word re: care pkgs?


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Nov 10, 1999
Please don't flame me. Please accept my questions in the spirit they are presented.

Did anyone else never hear a single word from the soldier(s) they adopted through Operation Military Pride? We sent a package in March and a package in April - both to the same contact for a USAF K-9 team. We hesitated sending the April package, since we didn't know for sure that the March one had arrived, but we sent it anyway.

I didn't expect much. Just some acknowledgement, so I knew that the packages got there. Something. An e-mail. A note.

I know that the flip side of this is that we have no idea where these people actually have been or what they have been doing, but if a total stranger took the time to assemble packages of things for me, 6 of my colleagues (and my service dogs) AND did this more than once, I would make sure that I (or one of my colleagues) at least ACKNOWLEDGED the receipt of these items.

DH and I didn't do this for the "glory." I'm not looking for a thank-you exactly. I just think that the right thing to do would be to let the person know that the items were received and were appreciated.
I do hope you try to see their side of it. I am sure that they aren't not letting you know out of rudeness. I am sure they truely appreciate your care packages.

I try to think about how my DH is. He is shy, and doesn't like talking to people he doesn't know. Its hard enough for him to e-mail me or call me while over there, and I am his wife. He doesn't type well, and he doesn't like writing letters. Its just his personality. I wanted him to go into my Daughter's class and Thank them personally for the cards and letters and answer their questions in class. He preferrred to e-mail me all the answers because he wasn't comfortable getting up in front of the kids and talking. He is just that kind of person.

I also know that he has worked long hard 12 hour days, 7 days a week. When he would get off all he wanted to do was sleep. This was coming from a guy who worked at an Air Force Base. Some of the guys have been in Iraq, and are still in Iraq fighting for their very lives. Some of them have lost their lives. It has to be an emotional drain on them. I am sure its all they can do to focus on keeping their wives, kids and parents informed. Look at Patty, who hasn't got many e-mails or letters. It takes up to 4 weeks sometimes to get a letter that he sent. I think that with these extreme circumstances that these guys were in, its a little unfair to expect them to write or call back. They truely appreciate it, but they all have different conditions that they are dealing with. Please accept a huge thanks from me, as the wife of someone over there to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making one of the soldiers day. And please know that there was a smile on someones face because of you!

You may get a little note once they get back.
I have heard from one of mine, and my sister has heard from her one soldier. I mailed most of my packages on March 28. The letter from my soldier was written on April 17, and I received it on May 2. You may have a letter that has been sent but hasn't reached you yet.

My soldier ended her letter by stating, "Proud to defend your freedom!". That made me feel good and glad that I participated in OMP.

Hope you receive a letter soon! :D

I have not heard from my " adopted marines" but didn't really expect to yet... figured I started mailing packages in early March ( around the first part of second wk ) one or two a week. But figured it takes up to six weeks to get it to them even without delays..( and we know being on the move will cause mix ups and delays) so guessing the first packages may have arrived around the 20th of April ( or later with delays) . If they ( any one of them, ) sent a response back. ( which its ok if they didn't or don't, but would like to know something made it to them myself ) then adding another 6 weeks or more for their mail to get thru...( and their post offices aren't quite as handy as ours ) I would imagine I might get a response by June....( and hopefully then they will be home.)
So I don't think I would give up hope yet...you might just be surprised after they get home..if not before....
I've been checking the mail for a note, too. I'm concerned, because I don't know if my package actually made it. I only had the soldier's rank and last name - no first name. I enclosed a self- addressed envelope and an index card. The small card was so that the soldier wouldn't feel like I expected a lengthy reply. I just asked that he please let me know that the package reached him.
I hope the package got through.
As the mother of one of these adopted Marines, I will tell you that in a letter I received from him (written about three weeks ago), he had just received a lot of packages in the previous two weeks and he told me that most of them were "thanks to your Disney friends".

As a mom, I hope I raised him well enought to have him eventually respond to these people - but, I also realize this may not happen until he returns home later this summer. Beside working 12 hour days in the middle of the desert, they have no electricity - so it's pretty tough to write a letter by flashlight.

I guess what I'm saying is to not think badly of these people for not responding to your generosity. I know that in their hearts, your gestures are so greatly appreciated - and more than that, it's motivated them to continue on with their duties in the most God-awful conditions we can imagine.

I'm not flaming you here...just hoping I can make you feel a little better about your decision and the lack of response on the part of your soldiers.

It also appears that the ability of any given serviceperson to get communication out is sporadic at best.

My BIL managed to get an email out to us about 3 weeks ago and had been about once a week for 4 weeks prior to that. But since then nothing. Even his wife hasn't had word! She did tell me that in the last email he sent her not to expect any sort of communication for awhile as they were not going to be able to send outgoing snail mail either. This was odd since it was right after we started hearing Air Force personnel were beginning to rotate home. Well she is bearing up pretty well since she's been at this a while with him.

BTW - I haven't had a chance to jump into this part of the boards for awhile so I'm out of touch. Melanie did your hubby get home yet? Last I remember he was more or less on his way?

I'm presuming all is well with the rest of "our guys" here? Anyone else make it home? Didn't sound like Bobby had yet Twinmom7.

Thank you very much to everyone who replied here. Your explanations make a lot of sense and you mentioned things that I had not thought of previously.

Whether I hear anything or not, I just hope that those doggies enjoyed their toys and treats and that the handlers got to take a break with some of the magazines and candy.


Bill will be home on Saturday at 12 noon. I got my call tonight from the Family Readiness Group. They are having a reception, so we are to be there around 11:30am at the latest.

Is it Saturday yet????? Just kidding, but I can't wait!

I didn't expect a note. I only hope my packages got there and they have enjoyed them. One of "my" servicemen is on the carrier "Dubuque" I keep watching the news to see if it's coming back. If anyone hears let me know!:D
I'm reading this at 4;15 on Saturday afternoon and practically jumping for joy in my seat that by now he is home and may just have left your arms long enough to hug the kids!

:bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc

I know what you mean Deb. It's sunday morning now and I keep thinking about Melanie and how happy she must be on this mother's day. I'm excited about hearing the report of her dh's homecoming.:) :) :)
Dodie I just got a letter yesterday. I believe I had sent out my first package at the end of March, yet it was not received until May 3. And then it took over 2 weeks for the return mail to reach me. I hope you hear something soon!
but my dear friend just got back from CA where she greeted her Marine son last weekend as he got back from Iraq. She said that he was just a mess physically and mentally, just "beat up", so to speak. She wept, literally, over the status of his *feet*, they were so bad. He cried at seeing her, and wanted to spend the weekend holed up her motel room watching movies, eating, and sleeping. She had sent him nobake cookies, that he got in the dark one night, ate like crazy, woke up in the a.m., was finally able to see the ones that were left, and they were covered with mold! So that's how long things were taking to get there. These guys are exhausted, and, I am sure, will write when they are able, physically and mentally. And, if we don't hear from them, I think we should just take it as a matter of faith.
Terri, Your post really bothers me. I hope so bad that Titus isn't doing as badly as that. He hasn't mentioned anything like that to Ashli but I know he censors the things he tells her (she's too fragile to handle it? If he only knew...that kid is stronger than he could imagine) because his mother sometimes forwards her emails that have a lot more details about his living conditions and a few other negative situations. Ugghh, I'll just be so glad when he gets home.
I tried to be *discreet*, but I do think we need to all remember that these guys have been at *war*. She brought in video today that she took of all the guys getting off the bus into the arms of their waiting loved ones, and we were both bawling over the expressions on their faces. Her son said they went 57 days over there without being able to clean up, and 3 days from Kuwait home without bathing. He told her about sitting in the 100+ degree heat day after day sweating and sweating, and *never* being able to be clean. To be honest, I'm amazed he has feet left! He does have a much greater appreciation of the wonders of life in the US, and says he will *never* take anything for granted in his life again...
I sent packages to 5 different people, and letters to two more and haven't heard from any of them. I'm OK with that though, I know they've been so busy, and what little time off they have they need to rest. I would love to hear from them someday, but even if I don't that's ok. It brought a lot of happiness to my kids just to pick out the stuff to send, and to write letters and draw pictures. It was a great learning experience for them as well.


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