I found my wedding pics!


Aug 18, 2003
Thanks for sharing. I LOVE your dress and the way you styled your hair looked perfect with it, very nice! :)


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Nov 12, 2003
I liked the site myself. The music was nice. Disney should do that.
I loved your dress, I like the short look. You both looked very nice! Congrats.


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Feb 12, 2004
congratulations! you both look so happy. hope you enjoyed the disneymoon and thanks for sharing your pictures.


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Apr 21, 2005
Thanks for sharing your pics! You looked beautiful and you both look so happy!!

Did you have Rev. Kevin for your ceremony? What did you think of him? I've picked him too and I was just wondering...


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Feb 10, 2005
Thanks for sharing. You look stunning and very happy. Congratulations! :sunny:


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Jul 3, 2004
hiwaygal said:

Did you have Rev. Kevin for your ceremony? What did you think of him? I've picked him too and I was just wondering...

Yes, that was him. He was wonderful. He sent out before the wedding a REALLY huge .pdf file that had sample ceremonies, additional things, poems, readings, and everything to really personalize the wedding. I had sent beforehand what we wanted to say, but I guess they had not received the email, but low and behold, right before the ceremony his little black book was able to configure it and make it go off without a hitch and it was really nice. He was very nice, and even though we forgot the license in the room (oops!) he said it was ok and just to mail it to him and he'd take care of it.

Thanks for all the comments, I didn't feel so good about my hair. It was starting to fall by the time of the ceremony and I was actually sunburnt on my arm, but I thought the pics turned out better than I thought they would for the most part


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Aug 31, 2004
The style of your dress was VERY pretty! What a BEAUTIFUL day!! Thanks for sharing!!


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Jan 22, 2005
GREAT PICS!!! I love the dress!!! Your hair looked very nice!! I like the pictures at the end because your hair fell into soft curls and it looks great that way too!


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Feb 11, 2004
Great Pics!!! You had a beautiful wedding!

I see Rev. Kev married you! He married us too...we loved him!


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