I declare this water... WET! A pretrip report for a week of total glutony on the DXDP

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by emmabelle, May 6, 2010.

  1. emmabelle

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    Jun 15, 2004

    Me: a crazy Disney freak who can only share that here because my friends just don't get it! :rotfl:

    DH: a go with the flow type of guy who can basically be talked into anything, if I try hard enough! :thumbsup2

    DS: (20) loves anything off the beaten path, wants the food to be as exotic as I can make it, and enjoys spending other peoples money! ;)

    DD: (18) basically only likes buffalo chicken fingers and mac and cheese, this should be interesting and she prefers not to go with the flow. Her poor boyfriend! :rotfl2:

    I have to go to work now, but I'll be back this afternoon to post more details! :)
  2. emmabelle

    emmabelle DIS Veteran

    Jun 15, 2004
    we originally were supposed to do just the regular dining plan, but as I kept looking at all the restaurants to choose from, more and more I wanted to do the deluxe plan. Didn't take much to get the hubby on board, he loves food and really doesn't get involved with what I spent, as long as we're not living above our means. ;)

    Once I changed our ressie to deluxe dining, I went crazy adding restaurants that we have never tried. I'll admit, I've added some just to experience them, not so much for quality. :eek: Hopefully, I won't regret that decision! :rotfl:

    So this is what I have so far, subject to change!

    July 21
    Breakfast - McDonalds
    Lunch - Rose and Crown
    Dinner - Restaurant Marrakesh

    July 22
    Breakfast - Hollywood and Vine
    Lunch - 50's Primetime
    Dinner - Chef's de France

    July 23
    Breakfast - Donald's Safari Breakfast
    Lunch - Yak and Yeti
    Dinner - Tutto Italia

    July 24
    Breakfast - Akershaus
    Lunch - Coral Reef
    Dinner - Biergarten

    July 25
    Breakfast - snack credits - BWI Bakery
    Lunch - Liberty Tree Inn
    Dinner - Kona Cafe

    July 26
    Breakfast - snack credits - Boardwalk Bakery
    Lunch - Boma (actually late breakfast)
    Dinner - Le Cellier (very early dinner, all I could get)

    July 27
    Breakfast - Crystal Palace
    Lunch - Teppan Edo
    Dinner - California Grill

    July 28
    Breakfast - Kouzzina
    Lunch - undecided, will have a TS credit left to use
    Dinner - airport food. :guilty:
  3. vinotinto

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    Sep 20, 2009
    Sounds like a great line-up! :thumbsup2 Definitely will tune-in for your report (in July, right?)
  4. vettegirl

    vettegirl Dole Whip Queen Moderator

    Oct 16, 2007
    You have picked some great places. Enjoy and report back!

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