I-4 Car Crash - British tourists involved

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    Aug 26, 1999
    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Two people died and six others were injured when a car smashed into a minivan carrying British tourists on Interstate 4.
    The impact ejected three passengers out of the Ford Mustang, said Trooper Robert Williams of the Florida Highway Patrol. Both the driver, Joseph Sorenson, 21, of Orlando and Lisa Beke, 19, of Naples, died. A third passenger, Amber Urbanik of Mango Island, was flown to Tampa General Hospital and treated for minor injuries. No one in the Mustang was wearing a seat belt, Williams said.

    He said the family of five in the minivan also were flown to a hospital, where they were in stable condition. The family was visiting from England. Police identified them as David Roberts, 53; Claira Roberts, 38; Paul Roberts, 17; Mathieu Gaxxy, 16; and Autumn Roberts, 6. Police did not release a hometown.

    At about 3 p.m. Saturday, the Mustang was traveling east on I-4 near Plant City. Williams said it spun out of control and slid into the median, then crossed paths with the minivan, which was going westbound.

    Williams said the driver of the minivan swerved in an attempt to avoid the car, but the Mustang slammed into the driver's side. Police were investigating the accident.

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    Jan 14, 2003
    What a terrible story.
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    What a tragic story.

    How terrible for the British family - let's hope they are well enough to come home soon.

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