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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by jollymon2, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Hi all, leaving in about a month for our first cruise. We will be staying at the Hyatt the night before and I just have a couple questions. I've searched around a bit but I'm looking for some more info. I've read that we when we check in at the hotel that we should identify ourselves as DCL passengers and they will pick up our luggage in our room the next morning. We can then check in for transportation to the port in the hotel lobby. I've also read that we can do all of the cruise check in at the ME desk at the airport. I kind of like the idea of getting all of the cruise check in done before we even leave the airport. If we can in fact do this, should we bring our luggage down with us. Just trying to clarify our options and the procedures for each. Thanks in advance.
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    Yes, you id yourself as DCL passengers, they come for your luggage around 8 the next morning.

    You can check into the cruise at the desk in the airport - the hotel will give you info on that too. You do that the morning of. There is NO reason to bring your luggage, let the Hyatt people handle it! Once you get to the airport you will still have to have your picture taken (at least you did last year).

    You have to have DCL transfers to use the transportation and the luggage transfer option. I believe others have said you can pay $25 to do the luggage transfer even if you don't use DCL transfers.

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