Hyatt Orlando any suggestions?


Jan 17, 2000
My DH is making a business trip to Orlando.... has anyone ever stayed at the Hyatt Orlando? How are the rooms? Thanks for any help that you can give... :D
We stayed there in May. The rooms were clean and spacious. I would definitely stay there again. We paid $59/night through Priceline.

Hope that helps.
I am very curious about anyone elses experience with this hotel too. We are a family of 6 heading to WDW for the first time, and I got this hotel thru priceline. We are going for spring break & I was able to get 2 rooms for $38 each a night. Thought that the price was good, but really wish we would have gotten something on-site. My kids are 9-4-2-& 7 mos. , and I am hoping that this hotel will be good for us. Any information would be great! Thanks!:smooth:
I will be staying there in May (via Priceline @ $32 per night) w/ DH and my nephew (7). According to what I have read on the review board, you need to be sure to request a newly renovated room. The renovated rooms seem to get the most positive feed back.

We just got back from staying at the Hyatt Orlando 2/9--2/13.We,also,were a bit skeptical after reading some reviews.However,we were pleasantly surprised.They key--join Hyatt Rewards Program(it is free)--ask for a refurbished room with bathtub.We got the room through PL for $30 per night.Absolutely CANNOT beat the savings from an on-property resort.My first experience on site,but not my last.

One note--our last 2 nights were at the Wyndham Universal Drive,which got rave reviews on all the boards I read.The irony was that the WR fit the descriptions of the Hyatt I had read.Upon arriving,we were informed that the carpet had just been steam cleaned,but would be dry in a few hours.WRONG!!!!The room floor stayed wet the entire 2 days--TONS of fun.
The Hyatt Orlando is comprised of 4 clusters of 2 story buildings. While it resembles a motel, all the rooms have indoor corridors. If you are getting the room through Priceline and haven't paid rack rate for it you probably won't be too too disapointed. It is definately not worth the going rack rate which is over 100.00, as far as I am concerned. To me it seems more like a nicer Holiday Inn than what I expect of a Hyatt. You may want to request a room facing away from the parking lot. Many of the rooms overlook the parking lot and beyond that I-4.

Personally, I wouldn't stay there again. For the price there are other places I would prefer to stay, but this is me. A friend recently stayed there and said it was 'OK' but if had had paid more than the 40.00 per night he paid through Priceline he would have been disapointed. It is very close to Disney Property so that is a plus. Many rooms are quite a walk from the lobby and the corridors start to look the same. On my last trip there, I accidently went to open, what I thought was my room door, but was in one building over. Low and behold, my electronic key worked and voila I walked into someone else's room. Took me a minute to figure it out too, but when I started seeing items that didn't belong to me, I freaked out a little. Thankfully I didn't walk in on someone in a compromising position or anything. Needless to say I double locked my door everytime I was in it. That was my last visit there.
:jester: :jester: :jester: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: Um, I would stay away from there at all costs. I am the friend that SGT_Disney spoke of, it is a very dirty-like room. Hotel seemed deserted and there is a bunch of cheap junk store shops all around it. If you can, I would at least try and get a downtown disney Hotel. You can usualy get one of those for around $50. Good luck and dont let a rotten hotel ruin your trip.


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