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    Oct 13, 2010
    Hello! We are sailing the Fantasy in March 2013. Need opinions on 2 different options. We are flying in a few days earlier to southern Florida to visit the grandparents. We will then drive up (in a rental car) to either PC or Orlando for the night before the cruise.

    Our first option is to drive to Orlando and stay at the Hyatt MCO and use the disney transfer to the port in the morning. The benefit to this is that we have points we can use to stay at the Hyatt overnight for free. We would then obviously have to pay for the disney transfer to the port.

    Our other option is to drive straight to PC and stay in one of the local hotels there (radisson, etc) and then take their shuttle to the port in the morning. Either way, we are going to be returning our rental car once we get up to the hotel we are staying at.

    So, which option would you chose? Is it correct that if we stay at the Hyatt MCO, they will get our luggage from the room to the ship if we use disney transfers? Also, are we definitely able to check in at the disney desk at the airport and get all our stuff there (kttw card, etc) and are we definitely going to get an early ship boarding time? This would be the reason I would pick this option. Obviously, the money I would save on the hotel room, I would be spending on the disney bus transfer. Or else we can pay for a hotel room close to the port and use their shuttle to get to the port in the morning. What would you do? Do the perks at the Hyatt MCO outweigh just drinig to PC and staying there and trying to get an early port arrival time (and therefore, an early boarding number)? Thanks for any opinions!
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    It's like comparing staying at a deluxe vs off property...

    The Hyatt MCO typically runs about $200 a night. It's VERY convenient. You then take the DCL transfers, which run you $35 per person per way - rumor is this has gone up to $40. If you take the first bus, you'll be able to get to your early ship boarding time.

    If you are renting a car, you can stay anywhere - you can return the car at PC. You can then just deal with one shuttle (the car rental company) and you have a lot more options in hotels.

    Anyway, staying at the Hyatt MCO, you won't save money...

    The most costly option is to stay at the Hyatt MCO and taking DCL transfers.
    The cheapest option is to stay at MCO somewhere like the Hyatt Place that has transfers from MCO and transfers to PC. Cheaper than the Hyatt MCO and cheaper than DCL transfers.
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    In your situation, the ONLY reason I'd consider the Hyatt MCO is that you can get it free. Even then, depending on your numbers, the cost of DCL transfers may far outweigh that!

    Yes you are correct about the benefits of using DCL transfers from MCO. But that seems like a lot of effort. It would save time and effort to drive to a hotel near the port, keep the car overnight, and turn it in the next morning, You can drop the gang and luggage at the port and then return the car or keep the group together and let everyone ride the car company shuttle to the port.

    Most of the hotels charge a fee for riding their shuttle to the keeping the car becomes more attractive!
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    How many transfers would you need if you stayed at the Hyatt?
    If it is just for 2 people, then the transfers won't be as much as a port hotel for one night.

    My DH and I stayed at the MCO Hyatt for one night before a cruise and took the transfers the next morning. it was wonderful!! The room was beautiful. They took our luggage for us from our hotel room. I think we got our boarding passes at the hotel and took the early transfer to the port. Very easy.

    Watching the planes land was cool. I wouldn't stay there for more than one night without a car though.

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