Hunzi's Holiday Happenings Day 6: Check out, a Crisis, Our last fling at MK and a little good luck o

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Hunzi, Dec 4, 2000.

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    Oct 14, 1999
    Cast of Characters: Me: major Disney fan, grew up going to WDW, has visited a dozen times; DH: been to WDW twice, once for Grad night when we were in high school, other trip when we took a major vacation in January to celebrate his retirement from the Air Force and spent 17 days at WDW/Space Coast/Disney Wonder. DS: 11, had a great time on his first trip in January, and DD, 6, loves everything Disney.

    Day 6: Check out, a Crisis, Our last fling at MK and a little good luck on a long flight

    The next morning, we were due for brunch at Chef Mickey's as our goodbye meal. I phoned to check if we could get late check out. I had asked earlier in the week, and had been told to call Tuesday. Our plane wasn't until 7pm, and with DD still under the weather (her fever was back up) I hoped to have a place to nap if needed. The front desk said we could only have an extra hour without cost. So much for Gold Preferred Guest privileges. (Don't worry SD, I understand it's not always available, I just hoped we'd get it with DD feeling icky). We opted to just pack up quickly and check the luggage. I was a little uneasy about checking my computer (I work for an internet company and had worked Monday and Tuesday between other activities.)

    Just when we called bell services, DD can't find her precious Pluto beanie. I rechecked the luggage, searched under the beds, rechecked the bags again. We didn't find him. This is a major crisis. She's terribly upset about the prospects of leaving him behind. I took her downstairs to report him missing and to ask out at the launches in case they had dropped him on the way back to the hotel last night. I saw the Housekeeper in the hall and asked her to check for him too on the off chance I missed him someplace.

    Downstairs we asked the concierge to help report Pluto lost, then DH came down in search of the bellman who hadn't made it upstairs yet. I ask for a bellman at the desk and one offered to run up for the bags. I left DH to collect DS from the room, and took DD out to the launch to make another lost dog report. The cast member at the launch told us to check with Guest Services at Epcot when she couldn't reach them by phone.

    We got to the Gateway, stopped at Guest Services, and the cast member there says if it was lost last night it would already be at the main Lost and Found. Ok, so we grabbed the monorail to TTC and went to the main Lost and Found. Pluto wasn't there. I filled out a report for our lost dog. A second cast member took the report and checked again. No luck. DD is heartbroken. The cast member took one look at that face, and found an Oddball beanie for her. She perked up, but it was afternoon before she was convinced she could keep Oddball. We assured her that Pluto would fly home to her if he were found. That cast member did a lot to save the day for us. Cast member grade: A+

    By now Chef Mickey's is a lost cause. We took the monorail to MK and went into the park. I had been looking all week for Park photographers, because I had hoped to get a few good photos of us all. I hadn't seen one all week. arg! So we stopped at Exposition Hall, looked over the options there and finally decided to try for one of the photographers on Main Street since I had seen several there (hurray!). We had our photo taken, and then headed to Tomorrowland, got our fastpasses to Space Mountain, and then went to Cosmic Rays for lunch because DH was famished. We had burgers, and DD had corn dogs. The toppings bar was nice. Then we walked right onto Space Mountain. Lunch at Cosmic Rays: grade B

    Afterwards, we headed to Adventureland, I had to do Pirates of the Caribbean one last time. The crowds were much better. We stopped at the Tiki Room, then on to Pirates. DD said surprisingly that she didn't want to do Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Railroad. DS again was a good sport about things. DD wanted to ride Peter Pan and Pooh, but the Magic Moments Parade blocked our way. We started to backtrack through Adventureland again and try to get to Fantasyland that way, but then decided to just wait out the parade and have a Dole Whip. Then we cut over to Liberty Square, and had some silhouettes of the kids made. Silhouettes: grade A (Thank you whoever mentioned those! What a great gift and souvenir.) Then we got in a longish line for Peter Pan. We went to Pooh but there was no way we'd get on, so we went on Snow White, then walked right on the Carousel. Then alas, it was time to head back to the Swan to meet Tony for the trip to the airport.

    We stopped to pick up the photos, and then got on the monorail to TTC planning to grab the bus to the Swan. We walked up and down the bus area, but couldn't find the bus stop…eek! I found a cast member and discovered the bus stop was in front of MK not TTC. We grabbed a ferry back, and then dashed to the bus stop. The bus was there. We climbed aboard breathless and flustered now that we had no time to spare. A quick bus ride to the Swan got us there with 10 minute to spare to our meeting time, and I looked for Tony while DH got the bags. Tony found us right on time; we put the bags into the car and headed to the airport.

    We checked the bags at the curb and had around an hour before the plane was due to leave. Went to the gate, asked the attendant there is the flight was serving a meal or if I needed to run for something before the flight. It was a dinner flight. Great. Sat down, around 20 minutes later I heard my name paged. Went to the counter and the agent offered me $400/seat to take a plane that arrived 10 minutes later. I had only paid around half that for the tickets. Tres cool! I asked if the new flight served dinner, and negotiated for a dinner voucher when the answer was no. We waited for the new tickets, got the vouchers, checked in at the new gate and grabbed some dinner at Burger King. Then it was time to board the plane.

    We flew to St Louis, then just after landing DD began saying she felt queasy. We were early and waiting for our gate. Oh no! I didn't have a change of clothes if needed. We made it to the gate, and I hustled her off the plane and into the ladies room. She didn't have to throw up. I think the warmth of the plane was the problem. Her temp was back up, so I took off her sweatshirt, gave her some Tylenol, and we boarded the plane for home. I'm sure everyone was totally horrified to see a kid saying she didn't feel well, holding an airsick bag, get on the plane. I was half afraid they wouldn't let her board. I was also sick with worry that she was really getting ill, and here we were still miles from home. We took off, and she fell asleep right away. The flight wasn't long, then we jumped off, ran down to find our luggage that had taken the flight we didn't. Both the cheapo duffle bags were torn, but nothing looked missing, so we grabbed a cab, and went home, and fell into bed. Overall day: grade A- (due to the lost dog and the sick kiddo.

    Always ;-)

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    Aug 6, 2000
    Thank you for taking the time to write such a complete report. I know a family who have one kid or another get sick every time they go to Disney. I hope your daughter was fine when you got home. Susan
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  4. Hunzi

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    Oct 14, 1999

    Thanks! I really wanted to try to be helpful to other people who might have questions.

    DD is feeling better. She went back to school for the first time today. DS brought home all her schoolwork, so we were able to catch her up over the weekend.

    Always ;-)
  5. LisaTx

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    Feb 11, 1999
    I'm glad your dd is finally feeling better. How icky to be sick at WDW. :( And losing her PLuto on top of that! :( :(

    How is she liking Oddball? I'll bet he's cute. :D

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I enjoyed all of your great tips.

    Lisa :)

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I wrote on your part 5 "I'm glad your DD bounced back so quickly!" Oops, I see that darned bug rebounded on her! :(

    Poor Pluto, he's probably sleeping on someone's bed right now, a gazillion miles away!

    You posted that you were offered $400 to take a different flight? Was that $400 per person, or $400 total? Either way, I wouldn't have turned it down either!

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  7. tkyes

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    May 11, 2000
    Wonderful job on the trip report Hunzi! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun despite the fever and lost pluto. I've heard lots of stories about missing things showing up suddenly, there's still hope.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!

    Tamie :)

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  8. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Except for the bug and the run away Pluto you had a great trip. Thanks for posting!

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