Hunzi's Holiday Happenings Day 4: Rain, Le Cellier, and Fever part 4 of 7

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    Oct 14, 1999
    Cast of Characters: Me: major Disney fan, grew up going to WDW, has visited a dozen times; DH: been to WDW twice, once for Grad night when we were in high school, other trip when we took a major vacation in January to celebrate his retirement from the Air Force and spent 17 days at WDW/Space Coast/Disney Wonder. DS: 11, had a great time on his first trip in January, and DD, 6, loves everything Disney.

    Day 4: Rain, Le Cellier, and Fever.

    We woke up and found the weather was cloudy, and threatening more rain. We took our time, took showers (hot ones! Hurray!) and dressed. The cleanser on the shower tiles annoyed me enough to impulsively try to rinse it off in the shower. No chance. It was totally dried on and would need more elbow grease than I was willing to give it. It would come off if someone would take the time to scrub it with an abrasive sponge. It was a silly thing to fuss over, but I just noticed it each time I went in the bathroom.

    DD was grouchy, DH decided to placate her and tell her we'd run back to MGM for another ride on ToT. Hmmm. We needed to be at Le Cellier at noon. It was already after 10am. Well, we'd give it a shot. We caught the launch to MGM, and then just as we got to the gate, the heavens opened up and it began to pour. Bleck. We decided to turn around and head to Epcot. Slipped on our ponchos and ran for the launch.

    We grabbed a stroller at the International Gateway, and headed down to Canada. We arrived right on time. We sat down, and ordered bowls of cheese soup for all of us. Then DH and I ordered the day's special Tenderloin Tips, DS had his usual hamburger, and I told the waiter we'd see if DD ate her soup before we ordered anything else for her. After one bite she asked if I could make the soup at home too, high praise from a 6 year old. I assured her I'd ask for the recipe. She had around half her soup, and a breadstick, but when our meals arrived, she said she wanted some pasta. We ordered it, and she had one bite. Dad was a little annoyed, but I decided we'd go with the flow. We ordered dessert, cheesecake for DH, DS and even DD, I ordered the Crème Brule. The Crème Brule was divine. DD stole the fruit off the top, and had a few bites of her cheesecake. We picked up the recipe on the way out the door. Lunch at Le Cellier: Grade A (A+ for the soup)

    Outside we found Papa Joile, the Canadian Santa, took a photograph, and walked towards the United Kingdom. We just wandered through the countries in the light rain, and decided we'd stop for the American Experience. We had a little while before show began, parked the stroller, walked inside, and DD just looked sick. I ran a hand over her forehead. She felt hot. She said she wanted to go back to the room. We packed up and headed for the launch.

    Back at the room, I took her temp, and gave her some Children's Motrin. Happily I had packed some, and the thermometer, even though no one was sick when we left. Her temp was 103.5. That's high enough to worry me a lot. This kid had been through several years of serious kidney infections, and she had surgery twice to correct the cause. But any high fever makes me nervous that she might be getting another one. Especially since she had been going potty every 20-30 minutes and no other symptoms. I decided we'd see if the Motrin did the trick before I began to panic.

    So we spent the rest of the day watching the Disney Channel, except for the brief time she napped. We watched a marathon of the So Weird show. I think if I ever see that show again I'll run screaming. By evening, we decided we'd be missing our PS at Rose and Crown, and DH & DS ran to Tubbie's to get us pizza.

    DD's fever was down to around 100', and she was hungry. She had a couple of slices of pizza, then we decided to call it an early night. I gave DD our last dose of Motrin, and DH, DS, and DD got in bed. I opted to take a hot bath.

    I fiddled around for a little bit, then ran the bath, and had only been in for a few minutes when I heard a commotion in the room. DH came in and told me DD had just thrown up all over the bed. Oh joy! I should have never let her eat much while she had a fever. Happily DS had managed to get out of bed just in time, but the whole bed was a mess. DH is a great dad, but when it comes to sick kids who are throwing up, he's a wimp. He can't face the mess without wanting to toss his own cookies. So I got out of the tub, dressed decently, cleaned up the kid, opened the door to the balcony to air out the room, and called Housekeeping, told them the trouble and asked for a full set of bedding.

    Fifteen minutes later, a man from Housekeeping was up with sheets and towels. I helped him strip the bed, but figured out I was just in the way when time came to re-make it. He fixed the bed as fast as he could, running to get rid of the soiled bedding and bring back a bedspread he had forgotten. He missed bringing fresh pillowcases, but we had one spare pillow, so I told him not to bother with a 3rd trip to the linen closet. I tried to be friendly and let him know how much we appreciated the help, but he wasn't talkative. I nearly had to chase him down just to give him a well-earned tip. Housekeeping Day 4: grade A for promptly handling an icky clean-up.

    I spent the rest of the night sleeping with one eye open to see how DD was doing. She really needed more fever medication, but I doubted she'd keep it down on an upset tummy, and I'd have to go buy some somewhere.

    Always ;-)
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    Feb 11, 1999
    We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Le Cellier.
    Especially the cheese soup. :)

    I'm so sorry your dd is sick. I hope it's a quick bug. :(

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I thought I was the only mother who always brought the thermometer with them on vacations! I see I'm not alone! (we have a thermoscan "ear" thermo. and it doesn't take up much space, well worth the peace of mind it brings!) Sorry your DD got sick! Unfortunately, viruses like Disney World too!

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Hope your dd is feeling better in the morning. Thanks for posting!

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