Earning My Ears
Oct 4, 2000
i am a disney vet 8 trips in 9 yrs always staying at disny deluxe hotel-never visited univrsal-now staying at hrh in may-is universal experience different-ie is universal as well run ,clean and as efficient?-how far a walk from hrh to universal and islandsof adventure and am-rides are more intense?do you do asmuch walking?
We are Dvc members therefore lovers of Disney!!! However we really enjoy US/IOA, we stayed at the PB hotel last summer and IOHO we felt it could surpass any Disney deluxe(and we've stayed in all of them). We are trying the HRH in June, with front of the line access all day we will be in heaven!!!
As far as comparing the two, we've always found the US parks to be very clean and the staff at the parks friendly. They don't tend to bend over backwards as they tend to do at Disney but polite none the less. Rides don't seem to breakdown anymore frequently than they do at Disney. The husbands in our group actually prefer the US complex, our kids(all boys) will rank it about even with Disney(ages7-11). As far as the women in the group, the rides are great but it lacks the fairytale feel that Disney seems to have mastered but we enjoy it just as much just in a different way.
Walking??? Yes it will be a quick walk from the HRH to US. It is much closer to the parks than the PB. The parks themselves, US isn't bad, at IOA you are forced to go in a circle around the lagoon. So if you skip a ride and chose to go back later its a pain. Sorry this is long, hope it halps a little.
I have stayed at the Contemporary and the Yacht Club at Disney and in my opinion, HRH has them both beat. The Decor and rooms at the HRH are beautifully decorated - very elegant with an Art Deco feel. The lobby at HRH is the nicest of any I've seen at any theme park, including the Portofino Bay, and runs a close second to the Ritz Carlton in Naples and St. Thomas. I've stayed at both and they are the nicest lobbies I've ever seen. The pool area has fantastic landscaping, very tropical and beautiful and you can't beat the location! You are literally next door to the Theme Parks and Citywalk! No shuttles, buses and frankly it's quicker to walk than to take the water taxi. If your children are old enough, they can come and go easily. It is also easy to leave the parks to eat at Citywalk, which I would recommend doing. We polled everyone in our group, Which did they enjoy more, Disney or Universal and to my surprise, all 5 of us said Universal and the Hard Rock Hotel. I was a Die Hard Disney Fan and thought that nothing could compare, but was pleasantly surprised that Universal and particularly the HRH exceeded our expectaions. I will definetely come back and stay at the HRH!! It was the best


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