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    May 10, 2001
    Does anyone know where I can find specific info on the HRH club level amenities? I've read bits and pieces from other posts. I read somewhere that they give a discount on the cabanas. Is there any other special amenities or discounts that I don't know about? Basically, I don't know anything except what I've read here. I've tried the Loews Hotel and Universal sites, but they are both very general. Does anyone know where all the special perks are listed? I'm trying to decide if this is worth the extra money or not. The Travel Channel made it look great, so I booked club level for our 10th anniversary. After reading what I have on here, I'm beginning to wonder if it is worth it. My excitement is beginning to fade. :( I was really looking for to it. We've never stayed club level or concierge before, so this was going to be a special treat. Any info and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. mkymouse4ever

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    May 18, 2000
    I too was suckered in by the travel-channel show of the "club level". I think from what I experienced and what I've read here, that if your going during a busy time, there are more selections of food & drinks etc.... When I went last september (5 & 6) we had am, rolls & a small plate of fruit out from which to pick, saw in evening a very small plate selection of cold cut type tid bits with crackers (ritz-type) and you had to ask for coke & water. Then we read about the yummy cookies, but one night I am not kidding we had a selection of oreo's! Now its possible we did not hang around at the Prime time to eat, but we never saw anyone else in the lounge. We felt uncomfortable sitting down on the sofa's for a few minutes, the concerige staff there said "good-morning" but never had a tour or introduction to there offering etc... the cd's shown on the travel channel were there just always locked up, & the wide screen tv usually had the concerige's soap opera on for her! Its got great panoramic view's up on 7th floor. But the ice machine was broke when we were there so I asked at the lounge if I could get some ice, & was told to go back to our room and call room (star) service, and they could deliever it, if you wanted, or feel free to go to one of the other floors for some! Also we needed a new "key" twice in our 2 day stay cause we kept losing the ability to get the elevator to go to the 7th floor? I really would suspect that in the summer busy month's that it would have way more of a selection, and service! Just do not expect what the travel channel showed cause you will be very disappointed, think modest and be pleasantly surprised! It is a beautiful hotel, and we are definately going back, but just staying in a pool-view room. MKY:smooth:
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    Jan 29, 2002
    we were ther in APril - sold out- and I was talking to someone who had the club rooms: She said people were grabbing food and drinks and bringing it back to their rooms- I guess FREE does this to people! She said she felt that she had to take the last coke before anyone else did! I can't deal with that - esp. on vacation. I was glad we just did the garden view room... we were never in the room other than sleeping and WE LOVED this hotel - can't wait to go back next year!
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    Mar 9, 2000

    We experienced much the same thing when we stayed in club level. My jaw hit the floor the first day. I was amazed at the way people were running out of the lounge with 3 and 4 bottles of beer, etc and stacked plates of whatever was offered. All I could think of was GREED! I know people who stay on club level basically pay for the stuff they take because it is more expensive up there, but they don't have to look greedy. Maybe it was just me, but it made me feel uncomfortable. I did enjoy the breakfast offerings and the convenience of taking it back to my room, but I did not see a need to fight over the stuff offered or to take 4 bottles of beer just because at that moment there were only 4 out on the table. Some people forget that there are other guests on the floor who would like to have a chance at what is being offered. I just hold my son back and explain to him that I never want to see him exhibit such behavior when he is grown.


    Not much else to prepare you for other than the behavior of others in the lounge and the food selections....which in my opinion are very cheap. I mean, those evening milk and cookies they talk about...........oreos and nutter butters :D ...I kid you not!!!! Ahh, but they do look nice spread out on a silver Seems the #1 reason for being in club level is the convenient free food and least that is my #1 reason. It was my first time last summer and while I was disappointed, my husband was all for the entire atmosphere. He wants to stay club level again next summer.......maybe if they offer better foods in the evening. Hope you enjoy your stay as much as my husband and son enjoyed theirs.

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