HP birthday gift before trip and gift card questions...

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  1. doclegler

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    Sep 24, 2009
    We are surprising our children on our middle son's bday in a few weeks with the news that they will be going to IoA to see HP in October. I'm just wondering, is there a great HP gift that would really spark his interest (and that's not too expensive...Target, Walmart, etc)?? The 2 older boys have already seen most of the movies and read the first book, and I want to get them all excited! :banana:
    And one more question...what gift card would you purchase for this visit? I'd like to get them all one so that I don't have to carry 3 wallets and keep track of money. I know the Universal gift cards don't work well at US.
    Thanks so much. Can't wait to make this a spectacular trip for everyone!!:thumbsup2
  2. AnjieNet

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    Oct 21, 2008
    We are getting DD a snowy owl ($8-$10 on amazon) and putting a letter on it's foot. Boys might like a HP video game if they don't have one. DD hasn't gotten into them too much yet.

    From things I've read here, the US gift card isn't very desirable. I think we'll get DD a $50 Visa gift card from the bank to use there if I can find one with no fee. Our bank charges a $4.95 fee. :confused3 I think Discover will give us a gift card with no fee using our cashback so may go with them.
  3. Zim

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    Jun 30, 2004
    I'm surprising my DD13 at the end of November. I'm going to send her on a hunt.... scrapbook.com has a great assortment of papers (including a Marauder's Map!) and faux wax seal stickers, all relatively inexpensive. So she goes on a clue hunt throughout the house with a final 'treasure' being the Snapfish photobook I got with a freebie coupon code with pics from our last trip there... at the end of the book it says "Wish we could go again... "Acciouniverso!" and attached to the back page - a 'coupon' for one free butterbeer good only in November during the week we'll be there.

    I may also get a few HP trinkets. I got her a t-shirt from the Warner Brother's store but I already broke down and gave that to her (ack!). But if you have a Hottopic nearby, they always have Harry Potter trinkets, and right now quite a few on clearance.

    Hope that helps...

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