How to make an escape wedding like wishes?

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    Hi everyone. So we're most likely going with an Escape wedding at the wedding pavilion and I wanting some easier understanding about adding a reception and dessert party. I have bought the Disney fairytale weddings guide but nothing is as helpful as personal experience. Ideally I would love to add a small reception somewhere that is NOT a restaurant (We want an actual reception type feel and not just a dinner) and then we would love to have a dessert party and double our guest amount so we can invite friends and go over the 18 guest limit. Dream location for the dessert party would be at Epcot can I wear my wedding dress in this case?
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    The Escape chapter of the Fairy Tale Weddings Guide lists all the pricing for adding a catered event through your Disney planner, and Chapter 5 lists pricing and policies for adding a dessert party. You can wear your gown in the park if you plan your dessert party through your Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings planner.

    I have interviewed numerous Escape brides who added a catered event and/or a dessert party to their weddings, including brides who had "Wishes" style events by adding to and customizing the Escape package. You can hear their personal experiences here:
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    I did basically this by having my reception “off site” at Swan and Dolphin! I had a full reception with a DJ, dancing, buffet dinner, etc. We didn’t do a dessert party, but we had a rehearsal dinner and welcome gathering just like any wedding. It was perfect for us and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I saved so much money compared to a similar full Wishes event. We customized so much within the Escape package as well (cake, floral, etc). I have an interview on carries podcast linked above, we are the Escape + Swan wedding spotlight! :tilt:

    As far as venues that don’t feel like a restaurant, you may be able to grab a space like Ariel’s or The Attic or a patio/outdoor space to host your catered meal so it feels less like a restaurant vibe!
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